Day 7 - New Orleans, Louisiana - Garden District and Algiers Point #gardendistrict #algierspoint #travel #solo #neworleans #thingstodo

Day 7 – Garden District And Algiers Point

Day 7:

One more try with the Garden District today. The morning I spent again with work. In this case, it is not so bad to wake up early. First, I can better communicate with my co-workers back in Germany and second, I could call it a “working” day sooner.

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After all work for today was done, I headed to the next available stop for the sightseeing bus. Good that I bought this three days ticket. Today is day three, so I still can use it. I went a bit in circles because I could not identify the stop on the map correctly. Google maps sent me to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, which is exactly where I wanted to go, but somehow there are to of them. I was puzzled as I realized that I went to the wrong one. But in the end, I found it and made it to the bus stop. Unfortunately, I have such travel fails all the time.

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Day 7 - Garden District and Algiers Point #gardendistrict #algierspoint #travel #solo #neworleans #thingstodo

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It is not everything perfect, especially, when you are traveling alone. However, at least you will learn by those fails and, of course, you always will have a story to tell.

Next stop, Garden District. Right in time for one of the free walking tours. The tour guide Paige told us a lot about the different styles of architecture which you can see in the Garden District area. From Greek Revival, Italianate, and Victorian, to Gothic style buildings, you can find them all.

New Orleans, Louisiana - Garden District - #travel #usa #thingstodo New Orleans, Louisiana - Garden District - #travel #usa #thingstodo New Orleans, Louisiana - Garden District - #travel #usa #thingstodo

Did you know that the Manning family lives here and that Eli, Peyton, and Cooper grew up in their house in the Garden District? Anne Rice, the author of the famous “Witches” and “Vampires” series, used to live here. Several actors like Sandra Bullock or Nicholas Cage have or had houses in this area. The largest house, the Buckner house, was the location of the Coven in “America Horror Story: Coven.” Incredible! 

When the tour ended, I had my very first Po´Boy. A shrimp Po´Boy at the Magazine Po´Boy and Sandwich Shop right at the corner Magazine St/ First. Highly recommended. It was that delicious if I have a chance to go there again, I will have another Po´Boy at this place.

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Afterward, I went back to the stop to catch the next bus. At the bus stop, I met a guy from Ireland, who was just arrived in New Orleans and came here for WrestleMania, too. It is time, all the Wrestling fans slowly flooding the city and take over New Orleans. We had a great chat about WrestleMania, and so it came that we spent the rest of the day together and talked about Wrestling the whole time. 

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Save money on entrance fees, tours, and cruises with the New Orleans Pass #travel #neworleans #thingstodo #usa

That is what I love about traveling solo. You can meet amazing people and hang out with them. I do not want to complain about my friends, who accompany me sometimes on my travels, but the possibility that we would spend half of the day with a stranger would not be that high. Talking and chatting, yes, but hanging out with them? Probably not.

As soon as we were back in the French Quarter, together we took the ferry crossing the Mississippi to Algiers Point. The second oldest neighborhood after the French Quarter. A pretty cool place to hang out. The streets were so calm that we wondered if anyone lives here. We found cute little homes, a lot of colors and most of them with small decks with chairs on it at the front of the houses. After a beer at the Old Algiers Point and then headed back to the other side of the river. 

New Orleans, Louisiana - Algiers Point - #travel #usa #thingstodo New Orleans, Louisiana - Algiers Point - #travel #usa #thingstodo New Orleans, Louisiana - Algiers Point - #travel #usa #thingstodo

We had a Hurricane Category 3 at Poppy´s Lobster and then dinner in the French Quarter. I had some Creole Ribs which flesh fell off the bones by itself. Perfect and delicious. A good choice! The dessert was a New Orleans Bread Pudding which we shared. Another tasty piece of New Orleans cuisine. If you ever come to New Orleans, you should get Bread Pudding.

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Meanwhile, more and more Wrestling-shirt-wearing-Wrestling fans appeared everywhere. Only one night of sleep and WrestleMania days will officially begin.

New Orleans - Book your next trip #travel #wheretostay #accommodation

We called it a night around 10 p.m. and on my way home I came across Bourbon Street. That is how I know it. Packed with crazy people drinking, partying, listening to the music which you could here from out of the bars. Lively and vibrant. I am looking forward to the weekend when the streets will be full of Wrestling fans chanting all the catchphrases and just celebrate their passion and themselves. WE ARE AWESOME! *ähem* I will let you know how awesome we/they were in one of the next episodes of my travel diary.

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