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Day 12: Monday Night Raw

Day 12: 

On the day after WrestleMania. Everything gets a fresh start. So it does on Monday Night Raw tonight.

Old feuds found their conclusion, new storylines are about to start, and sometimes new characters are introduced. We had a few promotions of Wrestlers from NXT like Ember Moon or the Authors of Pain who debuted tonight.

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The story with the new Tag Team Champions Braun Strowman and his partner Nicholas was finished before it had a chance to get started as they stepped back from being champions and let the title vacant. New possibilities for the Tag Team scene at Raw and with the Superstar shake up next week I am sure we will have a lot of new opportunities for new storylines and feuds. I am also excited if the story of Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon will continue or if this was already the finish.

My favorite and saddest part of the show was the retirement of Paige as an active Wrestler. Four years ago this was her first appearance in a WWE ring, after being promoted from NXT. Her first match was against A.J. Lee for the Diva´s Championship. And she won it straight away. That was the beginning of the era of Paige. Mainly, the upcoming feud with A.J. Lee was the best what the WWE women´s division had for a long time. Now, four years later she has to retire from in-ring action due to a severe neck injury. It was very emotional. She was one of my favorite Wrestlers.

I also loved the segment with Elias. Usually boohed but there was a surprise with the international crowd on the post-WrestleMania Monday Night Raw. He was loved and everyone was chanting “WALK WITH ELIAS”. I think himself was surprised as well and he enjoyed the moment. Probably, it was the only time for the next months?

I think overall this year´s Raw was weaker than the ones in the past years. There were too many introduced characters and short appearances of other Wrestlers and not enough serious matches. The crowd was also not as on fire as in previous years. And the tries to get around with “Beachball City” was also not very successful.

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However, the party started afterward. It did not rain today, so the people were more in celebration mode than last night. All of us headed back to Bourbon street and finally the atmosphere was almost like it was the last time here in New Orleans. Chanting and singing the way back to the French Quarter.

Once again, I met up with my old and new friends and celebrate our friendship with one or two beers and a lot of dancing, at least for me.

Would you like to be part of the biggest party in Sports entertainment? Leave me a “HELL YEAH!” in the comments! Or feel free to fill out the form below and we will start to plan your trip to WrestleMania 35 in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey/ New York area!


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