Day 12: Celebrating in New Orleans, Louisiana #travel #solo #usa #neworleans #inspiration #thingstodo

Day 12: Celebrating With Friends

Day 12: 

It was cold today, at least it did not rain anymore as yesterday. Last night it was freezing out there, and my room was also as cold as the Arctic. Hopefully, I did not get a cold or so. The first thing what did today was switching on the air con in heating mode and left it that way the whole day hoping that I will not freeze again tonight when I am back.


In the morning, I used the time to work a little for a while before I met my friends again. We met at the Crazy Lobster, still our favorite restaurant, where we met the first time four years ago. Since that time this restaurant was our meeting point. Also, my new friend from Ireland is already familiar with this one. It was already after lunch, so we only had a snack and a few drinks. I finally made it to Category 5. A few days ago, I started with a Hurricane Category 3 and made my way up the scale to the strongest category. One thing I wanted to do this time in New Orleans.

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Day 12: Celebrating with friends #travel #solo #usa #neworleans #inspiration #thingstodo

Before we went to the Smoothie King Arena for Raw tonight, we had dinner at Walk On´s. One of the famous Sports Bars in New Orleans. The whole weekend they played the entrances themes of the Wrestlers, and usually, it was full of Wrestling fans, especially, before the events started.

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After watching Raw, we headed back to Bourbon street, where we found our beer station again and partied our way to one bar to the other. Listened to Live Music, had more beer, celebrating our friendship. As it was the last night for my friends from Rhode Island, it was a special night for all of us. Saying goodbye is never a good feeling. That is why I loved it spending their last night together. I started dancing and could not stop for the rest of the night.

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In the end, they played the Macarena, which was the sign for me to leave the party. I hate this song. We called it a night, and everyone went home. I was so happy that I did not switch off and it remained in heating mode the whole day. The room tonight was cozy and warm, which was the best after the last two cold days and nights.

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