Day 8 - New Orleans, Louisiana - A Swamp And Bajou Tour #neworleans #jeanlafitte #swamp #bajou #travel #solo #thingstodo

Day 8 – A Swamp And Bayou Tour

Day 8:

Today was another working day, at least in the beginning. Soon, I finished everything which was important to get done and was ready for the upcoming day. The Irish guy from yesterday messaged me if I want to join him for a swamp tour, meeting some alligators and other wildlife. Of course, I said yes!

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I am always a bit scared of crocodiles and alligators and unleashed dogs and dogs at all, but I wanted to do a swamp since my first visit to New Orleans. So, we did a swamp tour to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve with the Grayline Swamp Tour.

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For about two hours we went through the Bajou by boat and looked for alligators. We saw a bunch of them, small ones, bigger ones, not so big ones. And the highlight of the day was “Ali.” The Captain of the boat had a very small and tiny alligator named Ali on board, which we could hold and for a couple of seconds including taking a picture. Ali is so cute, and the skin is so soft. I want to have one for myself (as long as it stays that little, I believe as a grown up it would not fit into my apartment at home). Good that Ali remains in the swamp. 

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

When we were back into the city, lunchtime was already over, but both of us were hungry. Therefore we headed straight to the French Market, passing by the Café du Monde. It was the first time that I saw it without a block long queue or a line at all. Note to my self; the best time to get a table at Café du monde seems to be around two p.m.

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We continued our way to the French Market, where we finally had a Gator Po´boy. Is it awkward that we had alligator after we pet Ali? A bit, but anyhow, if I think about such things to often, I would need to become vegetarian, I guess.

Eating recommendation: Go to the Garden District and have a Po´Boy at the Magazine Po´Boy and Sandwich Shop. It is better and less expensive there. 

Strolling the French Market from the one end to the other, just to find the most expensive ice-cream of my entire life. 7 dollars for two scoop. OMG. It was delicious but so expensive. Even the ice-cream near San Marco Square in Venice was not that expensive. Hence, no more ice-cream for me here in New Orleans. By the way, everything is pretty expensive, especially, here in the French Quarter. Beer for 7 dollars, Hurricanes for at least 10 dollars. A lunch or dinner including a drink for about 30 dollars.

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Well, after ice-cream is before WWE Fan Axxess! At least for Shane. We slowly found our way back to the convention center. For him because he had a ticket for this session and me because I wanted to shop around in the WWE Superstore. I tried to complete an order from a friend at home and find anything for me. Mission accomplished! I got both!


Afterward, as always in the past days, I went back home through the French Quarter, especially, Bourbon street got more crowded than the days before. Suddenly, more and more Wrestling T-shirts appeared everywhere. That is how I remember NOLA from my first time here. It is exciting to see all those people celebrating. Tomorrow, it will be even more packed and crazier!

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Day 8 - A Swamp And Bajou Tour #neworleans #jeanlafitte #swamp #bajou #travel #solo #thingstodo

Do you have any questions or want me to check out something for you? Go ahead and leave me a comment below. Any other thoughts and suggestions are also welcome! I would love to visit the Voodoo Museum, by the way, I should find some time for it, and I still need to get a table at Café du Monde.

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