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Day 11 – WrestleMania 34

Day 11:

After yesterday´s NXT Takeover and the Fan Axxess on Thursday, I cannot wait any longer. Today is THE day. WRESTLEMANIA Day. Or Rusev day. In any way, a day to celebrate.

The show started at 4.30 p.m., or the pre-show began at this time. Of course, I was on time, as usual.

The bag policy of WrestleMania or the venues itself, were again rigorous this year. So if you want to go yourself next year, make sure that everything fits into the pockets of your pants or jacket or have a clear bag on hand to put everything you need this one. Even though my small bag, in my opinion, fit perfectly into the allowed sizes, they still claimed that I could not take it in. I tried it at NXT, and they said, I should not bring it to WrestleMania. So I did not. I put everything in my pant pockets and looked a bit stuffed with my phone and my camera in particular. However, that worked, and I could go through the security without any issues.

From my point of, the show could start. I was ready, had something to drink and great seats as well.

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I bought my ticket for the hundred sections. Almost floor level the first seat in the aisle. It is a bit annoying because the people cannot sit at least five minutes on their chairs and watch the show. Instead, I had to stand up and let them through every couple of minutes.

Anyway, the view at the ring and also to the entrance stage were impressive. I could not do it better, except I would have bought a ticket for the first row at ringside. The price and the view are a perfect match for this kind of event.

I loved the look of the stage. The giant carnival mask which is typical for New Orleans and the colorful appearance were grandiose. To be back at the Superdome after my first solo WrestleMania four years ago was a special feeling, too. It almost felt like being back home.

Free Wifi for all. As the most event venues, stadiums, arenas, also the Superdome has a free Wifi installed. More or less stable it was enough to get connected to the internet the most of the times.

The pre-show began. It was funny because I talked with some friends at home during the show and I told them what happened beyond the TV cameras. For instance, as they prepared the stage for the entrance of Charlotte, Triple H, and Stephanie or The Bar. And they told me what happened on TV like in the breaks between the matches when the panel of experts spoke about the rivalries between the Wrestlers and their feuds.


Two hours later the main show started. Overall, we had great matches, brilliant entrances with fireworks and pyro, unique features, glamorous outfits, and many more. I looked forward to a few matches like the match of Charlotte vs. Asuka. Although I was a bit disappointed in the result, the match itself was excellent. It was full of brilliant techniques, intensity, drama, and storytelling which a good match needs. I hoped that Asuka would win, but apparently, every streak ends in New Orleans. A few years ago, the Undertaker´s streak was ended by Brock Lesnar, this time Asuka´s undefeated streak was broken by Charlotte.

I also expected a lot from the match of A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. In the end, I think they could have done better, but the result was satisfying anyway. A.J. Styles was still champion, and we had a shocking surprise with Nakamura´s turn against Styles. I did not expect that.

We had one more epic entrance of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon with Motorbikes. I love his entrances. It is always a highlight of the whole show, and the match against Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey was not as bad as I thought it would be.

The match which I looked forward the most was the one of Daniel Bryan. Four years ago, it was he who stole the show with his dramatic matches and won against Triple H and later against Randy Orton and Batista in the main event. After he was forced to retire a year later and ever since fighting for coming back to in-ring action, it was finally done. He came back into the ring and the crowd was on fire. It might not be his best match ever, but it was another piece of history.

The main show was lasted for about five hours. Including the pre-show seven hours. It was recognized that the audience went a bit tired for the second half of WrestleMania. Especially, the matches of the Undertaker, the Tag Team Championship match and also the main event were not as impressive as they could have been.


The whole story with the Undertaker was strange. He kind of retired last year and now he was suddenly back and squashed the hero of the nation, John Cena. What was it good for? For the statistics? That we finally can say, we had the match Undertaker vs. Cena? I do not know if this was necessary. In my opinion, they should have left him in retirement mode. But I could understand, the fans of the Undertaker were happy to see him again. Not me. But that is my opinion only.

I also did not like the match between The Bar and Braun Strowman. Why they could not find a “real” tag team partner and make it a serious match. Instead, the destroyed the Bar by letting fight Braun Strowman with a ten years old child from the audience, making them the new Tag Team Champions. Not sure if this was necessary!


And the main event. Damn. I do not like Brock Lesnar at all, and no one else likes Roman Reigns. Both of them showed off in total four and a half move. The German Suplex and the F5 for Lesnar, the Superman Punch and Spear for Roman Reigns. That is called the Main Event of the grandest stage of them all. Not a good show, from my point of view. That was not the finish I have wished for.

Except for those three matches, the whole event was terrific once again. I believe as soon as you are in the stadium yourself the feeling is different from the one you have in front of a TV. The energy of the crowd makes the difference, I think. Even if the matches are not the very best, the fact that you are there, and be part of the show and history in the making it is always an overwhelming feeling.

That is why, I will try to attend next year as well, and the year after and so on.

Do you want to be part of the show as well? Fill out the form below and let us talk about it. I would be happy to help you being part of the show of the shows, the grandest stage of them all. WrestleMania for life!

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