Day 6 - New Orleans, Louisiana - Remote work and the Garden District #travel #diary #traveling #solo

Day 6 – Remote Work And The Garden District

Day 6:

Easter Weekend is over. Work is starting all over. Yes, you are reading right. I have to work. My time here in New Orleans is not vacation only, but a couple of days I have to work, too. Remotely!

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That is why I sat down on my little sundeck and got some work done. It is a critical time for the company I work for. It is not only a month close but also the end of a quarter. Remote work was the only possibility to stay away from the office for such a long time. Oh yes, sometimes some creative compromises need to be agreed. 

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As soon as I finished work, I could continue my sightseeing tour. My ticket, which I bought yesterday, for the sightseeing bus is good for three days, so I just hopped on the next bus and went straight to the Garden District. I also wanted to visit the Lafayette cemetery as I have done with the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, four years ago.

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Travel fail:

I did not check the opening hours, I always forget to do so, beforehand. Because of that, I stood in front of closed gates. Lafayette Cemetery opens from 9 a.m.-2.30 p.m. 

Great. I was too late for the cemetery, so I only walked through the streets of the Garden District and wondered about the beautiful architecture, the elegant cast-iron balconies, and sometimes colorful facades. 

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While walking and wondering, I found a super delicious ice-cream and pastry shop on Magazine St, named Sucré. Guess what: they had a real éclair with creole vanilla cream! I could not resist.

Soon, I caught one of the last sightseeing buses and returned to the French Quarter. Again strolling the streets, today with a different route, I mad my way back home. 


That is the great thing about traveling slower than usual. I do not have to put everything at once into my day but can decide day by day what I want to discover next.

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Day 6 - Remote work and the Garden District #travel #diary #traveling #solo

The weather forecast says that it will rain more or less the whole day. Besides another day of working remotely, I am not sure what I want to do the rest of the day. I think I will figure that out tomorrow. 

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