Day 1 - Take off in Düsseldorf, Germany #travel #diary #solo #düsseldorf

Day 1 – Take Off In Dusseldorf

Day 1: Take Off In Düsseldorf

Today is day one of my vacation/ remote work/ travel diary. It is the first time that I truly combine working with traveling. Not only for my blog but also for my full-time job.

Just a little background information for those of you who do not know me yet. I am a full time working, part-time blogging, world traveler. That means, I still have a regular 9-5 office job. Additionally to that, I started my travel blog about 15 months ago, and my dream is it to travel the world.

For the next few weeks, I will travel mainly to New Orleans, Louisiana, Cancun, Mexico, and to Cuba for a little road trip.

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Well, currently, I am sitting at the airport of Dusseldorf and waiting for my flight to take off. My official not in the office but still work time begins right now.

Today morning it started as a normal day with waking up, get myself ready for work and went to the office. I wanted to have my stuff packed already yesterday, but somehow I did not manage to do so. That is why I had to pack after I finished my last office-day. It will not be me if there is not a bit of pressure.

Work was fine but busy as I tried to prepare everything before I leave and if I would go on vacation. The difference is that my vacation will start in about three weeks, although I am already out of office. Meanwhile, I will be in New Orleans and work a whole week from there. I also reserved a few spare days for my time in Cancun, just to make sure that everything goes one smoothly. For the two weeks on Cuba, I cannot guarantee to have access to a working Internet.

That is the plan. After I finished work, I went home for the last time for the next month. As I told you before, I needed to pack my suitcase after work. I double checked my stuff and the travel documents and headed to the airport. 

I already checked in this morning, I travel with carryon luggage, so I skipped the baggage drop off and went straight to security. Everything went smoothly. Then I went to the gate after I prepared myself with something to drink and to eat. All my flights will be without complimentary drinks or meals. That is why there were so inexpensive.

Anticipation is already here. I cannot wait till I am back to New Orleans. But before I can step foot on the grounds of the Big Easy, I will have layovers in Dublin and New York, both with plenty of time to explore a bit of these two cities.


I am looking forward to my “little” adventure and to take you with me on this journey. I will also do a few live videos to make this journey more exciting for you!

Ahh, it´s boarding time! See you tomorrow in Dublin!

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