Day 19: Explore Montauk & The Hamptons, Long Island, New York #travel #solo #thingstodo

Day 19: Explore Long Island, New York – East Hampton and Sag Harbor

Day 19: Explore Long Island – East Hampton and Sag Harbor

It is the second day in Montauk and I already established a kind of routine. Waking up, have a look outside, if the ocean is still there, shower, and going downstairs to have breakfast. Especially, watching the sea while eating is incredible! The host of the guesthouse* told us that there are whales out there and the sea is calm enough to see a few of them. That is why there are binoculars in the window. Just in case! And yes, I have not seen the whole whale, but there were a lot of these sprays of water. But then it was time to explore Long Island!

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Explore Long Island

After breakfast and “whale watching”, I started my little Long Island tour. I went to East Hampton* first because there was the closest Starbucks around. Just in case, that they have one of these “I was here”-mugs so that I could buy one for my best friend, who collects them. I got this mug and a Halloween frappuccino and went around the block before I headed to the beach. A day without a beach is a lost day!

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Things To Do In Easthampton

Longhouse Reserve

The next stop of my sightseeing plan was the Longhouse Reserve with its sculpture garden. Unfortunately, it was closed! Visits are possible on Saturdays only! I guess, during high season this might be different, but for now, I can add it to my travel fails.

Cedar Point State Park

Instead, I drove to Cedar Point State Park. A pleasant recreation area, where you could watch the fall foliage. Who needs Central Park if you can be here? Camping, hiking, swimming in the lake and many more outdoor activities are usually possible, but as almost everywhere, the state park was nearly empty and closed down for the season. However, I walked down to the water and back and enjoyed the scenery.

Explore Long Island - Cedar Point State Park - New York #travel #solo #thingstodo Explore Long Island - New York #thingstodo #travel #solo

Things To Do In Sag Harbor

The Windmill

The afternoon, I spent in Sag Harbor*. I parked my car at the long pier from where it is only a short walk to the windmill, and the main street. Once again, more window shopping due to closed shops. I am not too sad about it because it is not possible buying anything when it is not open. Money saved, and also space in my carry-on. If you want to shop, you definitely should come during the summer season.

Explore Long Island - Sag Harbor - Windmill - New York #thingstodo #travel #solo

The Buddhaberry

Later, I stopped by at the Buddhaberry, a café/ candy store/ frozen yogurt thing… You can have different versions of coffee, hot chocolates, waffles, crepes, and all kind of candies. It is like a paradise for candy and sweets enthusiasts.

Explore Long Island - Sag Harbor - Bhuddaberry - New York - Candy Paradise #sweets #food #travel #solo #thingstodo Explore Long Island - Sag Harbor - Bhuddaberry - New York - Candy Paradise #sweets #food #travel #solo #thingstodo

After I had my crepes with tomatoes and mozzarella and a mocha, I was ready to go home. I had enough sightseeing for today. The rest of the day, I sat on the porch of the Sunrise guesthouse, relaxed, and watched the sea. When the sun set, it got too cold to sit outside, so I went to my room, switch on the fire and the TV and spoiled myself with a hot chocolate. The entire week was a Halloween marathon, Michael Myers here, Michael there, well, I guess sleeping tonight will be a bit more difficult. Scary face! We will see if I will wake up tomorrow to explore more of Long Island. Greenport and Shelter Island are waiting!

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