Day 21: Explore Long Island - Montauk #travel #newyork #thingstodo

Day 21: Explore Long Island – Last Day In Montauk

Day 21: Explore Long Island – Last Day In Montauk

Four days exploring Long Island lay behind me. Since I visited Montauk for the first time, back in 2014, I wanted to see more of the area. And I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to come back. Especially, to stay in my favorite place the Sunrise Guesthouse*!

Today was my last full day, which I spent in Montauk. The weather one more to turn out its best side. It was so sunny and so warm that my winter coat would not be a good choice. For breakfast, I even sat outside on the porch, and watched the calm sea in front of me!

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For breakfast, I sat outside on the porch, and watched the calm sea in front of me!

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Relaxing With A Massage

Besides my appointment for a massage, I have not had any further plans for today. The only things what I wanted to do are leaving my car where it was and walk into the town and later back at the beach. And did exactly that!

I walked to my appointment after I finished breakfast. It was the third massage in three countries within three weeks. There was the one in Plymouth, UK and the other one in Cartagena, Colombia. I believe, I never had so many in one vacation. But somehow, I was hoping that one of these would untighten my upper back and shoulders and release the pain, which I have had for months now. The Deborah Thomspon Day Spa (which I recommend), did a great job. I indeed felt better afterward. And to be honest, it was the best of them all.

Walking At The Beach

After the massage, I went straight to the beach. I walked there into the one direction, as I hoped that I could walk all the way to Ditch Plains (John, the host of the guesthouse, recommended to go there, to have a walk at another beach and maybe watch some surfers and so on) but I could not go the whole way. Some cliffs appeared in front of me, and the water came to close to them so that I could not walk in that area. So I turned around and walked all the way back to the guesthouse alongside the beach and the ocean beside me.

Explore Long Island - Ditch Plains # travel #solo #newyork #thingstodo Explore Long Island - Ditch Plains # travel #solo #newyork #thingstodo

It was a beautiful and long beach walk, and I slowly said goodbye to my Montauk!

The afternoon was a mixture of resting, relaxing, napping, and sitting on the porch! No further plans for today! Sometimes I need to rest instead of doing something! Even if I am at places where I have not been before, but from time to time it is good to listen to your body and when it says “stay calm and rest!” 

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