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Day 3 – A Day In New York City

Day 3: A Day In New York City

My third day started with a good rest. After I came “home” to my Airbnb* at the lovely Jessie´s place in Brooklyn, I could not do pretty much anymore. After being awake for more or less two days with a lack of sleep (besides the one or three hours on the planes) while I was traveling from Düsseldorf to Dublin to Newburgh to NYC, I was just exhausted.

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But do not worry, I wanted it that way. This kind of traveling might be not for everyone, and they would have chosen the easier but more expensive approach with a more direct flight with shorter layovers. Or having a one way RV rentals and have car and accommodation combined! Not me! For me, this is already part of the journey. Without this kind of travel choice, I would not have seen the little museum of Dublin and I would not know that Newburgh even exists. I would not have a clue, that the Dublin airport has luggage storage and that it is so easy to go to the city center and back. I would never have experienced the bus trip from St. Stephens International Airport in Newburgh to New York City.

I would never miss all those experiences. But to be honest, even for me, this is something for the beginning of a journey. When it comes to the point when I have to go home again, I am more than happy that I booked a direct flight from Cuba to Germany. 😉

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Things To Do In One Day In New York City

What have I done today? I slept! I slept without being woken up by an alarm ring. Very relaxing. However, it was early in the morning. Due to the time difference, my body thought that it was already nine o´clock, although here in the state it was around six a.m. or so. Nevertheless, I felt refreshed and recharged. That is why I got up that early, took a hot shower and washed my hair the first time after almost two days. It was necessary, I tell you…

The next thing was that I went outside and threw myself into the flow of this incredible city. I also followed my plan to find the replicas of the statue of liberty. Super cool was that I found the Explorer Pass* which I used for getting a little discount on the Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Museum. Thanks to them it was possible to choose these specific attractions. That is the most significant advantage of this City Card. You can pick yourself which sights are exciting and enjoyable for you and pay only for those you have chosen. Brilliant! By the way, if you will visit one of the following cities in the future, make sure to check for an Explorer Pass right here*. It will make your life a lot easier and less expensive!

Do you want to explore New York City besides the regular tourist attractions? Follow me on a unique and a bit nerdy tour to the replicas of the Statue of Liberty in New York City!

New York City Explorer Pass

Save up to 50% off gate prices for NYC attractions:

Unfortunately, I have not made it to the original Statue of Liberty. But that is not that bad, as I saw it on my first stay in New York a few years ago. Priorities were set on the replicas.

Soon it was time to check out at Airbnb. I picked up my luggage and headed to the JFK airport for getting to the next level of this journey; New Orleans!

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Travel Fails Are All-Around

Travel fail: Jamaica is not always Jamaica!

Usually, if you want to go to the JFK, you go there via Jamaica station taking the AirTrain to your Terminal.  Stupid me, I did not thoroughly check if Jamaica – 179 St is the same as the necessary Jamaica station. So I went all the way with the F train to Jamaica 179 St thinking I would end up, where I wanted to go. But no! I ended up an hour of a bus ride from the airport. 🤦‍♀️ Fortunately, someone told me, where I could catch the bus. I was already a bit panicking because the time was running out. Good that I went to the airport earlier than first thought. In the meantime, the airline changed the Terminal and the Gate. Yeah! Long story short; Although all of those obstacles, I made in time!

I landed, at around 11 p.m. and arrived at my little home for the next two weeks. My host was not there at this time, of course, it was too late. But following his instructions, I got no problems to enter the house. An hour later, I went to get a rest, looking forward to tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Day 3 – A Day In New York City”

  1. Wow! Even though you’re only on day 3 of your trip, it sounds like it’s been full of adventures already! I used the Go City Card when I went to Honolulu, Hawaii and something similar when I was in Stockholm, Sweden. So useful, convenient, and it definitely saved money! Good to know New York has one as well – I’ll have to make sure to get one when I visit New York to sightsee!

    1. Oh yes, I thought, when I need some stopovers anyway, then in a way that I have time to explore, instead of hanging out at the airports for hours. I love such city passes. The very first one I used in Seattle, six attractions plus a day AND a night session at the Spaceneedle. That was cool. Ever since I am a fan of these. I will try to get one for New Orleans as well. I will let you know, what they can offer here.

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