Day 18: Chicen Itza, Mexico #cancun #mexico #thingstodo #chichenitza #travel #solo #inspiration

Day 18 – Explore Cancun, Mexico – Chichen Itza

Day 18 – Explore Cancun, Mexico – Chichen Itza

Fortunately, I felt a lot better this morning. Yesterday, I had a little shut down of my body. I think I had too much sun and the different weather and everything affected my body a bit too much.

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However, I was ready for the only tour I booked here in Cancun*. Although I am here to relax and stay at the beach or pool, I at least, wanted to see some Maya temples.


Off To Chichen Itza

At 7.30 a.m. is my pick up time of the tour. I booked it on Thursday, the first day I had here in Cancun. A whole day, sitting on a bus, going to several Maya cooperatives, having lunch and finally visiting Chichen Itza*. One of the most popular Maya sites in the country. They say it is one of the seven world wonders. First, the guide showed us around and told us some history and the most important facts about this site. It is crazy! As impressive these temples are, as popular they are! Several, and not just a few, travel groups were led by guides. The area was quite busy so that it is almost impossible to find a quiet place from where you can wonder about these ancient examples of architecture. After the short tour, we had some free time for us to explore the site. I wandered around and after one more hour, we had to be back at the bus. 

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Cenote Ik Kil 

At last, we visited a nearby located Cenote Ik Kil, which is a beautiful sinkhole full of refreshing water in which you could swim. The Red Bull cliff diving circuit uses this cenote for one of their events. It is the second place I have been to, which is part of that cliff diving events. (The first one was the wormhole on Inishmore in Ireland.)

The cenote was pretty! Although, at the time when we arrived, it still was packed with a lot of people. I believe, when the mass of people left the place, and it was not that crowded anymore, it will be an unforgettable experience. It became almost magical with the clear water, which sparkles in the sun, and the hanging roots of the surrounding plants.

The weather today was not too hot, together with the wind almost a bit cold, which was super for me, after my bad day yesterday.


Going Back To Cancun

Overall, it was a great day, full of new experiences and discoveries. New sites and a few new and nice people.

There was a family from India who lives in Washington D.C., and we talked a little bit about our travels. They try to visit a new country every year. And I told them a little bit of some of the places I have been so far.

Three hours after leaving the cenote, we were back in the hotel area.

In general, it was a great day trip. On the other side, the next time, I think about it twice, if I like to book a bus/ group tour like that. I guess, my expectations are a bit too individual for such trips. The scheduled is a bit too structured, with less room for spontaneity, and a way too many places, where I would not stop, if I do it by myself. Nevertheless, I am happy that I could visit Chichen Itza* and Cenote.

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