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Day 19 – Travel Day, Again!

Day 19:

Leaving Cancun!

Guess what day it is today! Travel day! The fifth location change after Düsseldorf, Dublin, NYC, and New Orleans.

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2 a.m. the alarm rang. A way too early, but the flight was scheduled for 7.40 a.m., and the airport shuttle should pick me up at 3.20 a.m. He was on time, unfortunately not the guests from the other hotel. We waited almost 20 minutes, and they did not appear. At least the next ones where ready, so we finally could head to the airport.

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I already checked in the evening before, and it said that I need to go to Terminal 2. For any reason, the driver did not believe me and insisted on dropping me off at Terminal 4. I tried to find anyone who knows anything about where I have to go now, but no one was available. So I waited about 40 minutes in the check-in and baggage drop off until the guy at the counter told me that I am indeed at the wrong Terminal. International flights depart from Terminal 2. I believe you understand, that I was not amused.

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So, I needed to hurry. Only two hours left until my flight will take off. I looked for the airport shuttle which runs between the Terminals for free, but the guys in front of the building told me that it would be here at six o`clock. What? In one hour? They tell you that, to try to use your desperation and make some extra money by charging you another 30$ for a five minutes ride to the next Terminal.

Good that the real shuttle just came around the corner and I did not listen to those guys. Eventually, I made it to the correct Terminal and after another two hours queuing up to drop off my bag, I could proceed to the gate, and the flight could take off.

Next time, when I should travel out of Mexico, I will make sure that my bag is good enough to get it through as a carry-on.

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Arriving in Havana, Cuba!

The flight was on time, and I had no issues with border control or customs in Havana. The taxi driver, who was sent by my host in Havana was already waiting for. Cool thing, he was driving one of these Oldtimer cars. The first impression of Cuba was not bad so far.

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He drove me to the address of the Casa Particulares where I stayed here in Havana. The check in with Lilu, my host, was easy. I found it on Airbnb, where a lot of private Casa´s offer their rooms. There are also a few special apps for Cuba, like Cuba Junky but I found the easiest and mostly cheapest way is Airbnb. First things first, they offered me a Mojito! Although the most members of the family do not speak English, and my Spanish is also not the very best, with hands and feet and a lot of guessing, we managed to understand each other the most of the times.

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It was 1 p.m. only and the day still had plenty of hours. Hence, I changed my clothes and went outside to explore where exactly I was and what was where and how I could get around. The house is located in the heart of Old Havana, and everything important is within walking distance. I went to the Parc Central first and saw one of the sightseeing Hop on Hop off buses. Perfect timing! After buying a ticket, I sat down at the top of the bus and relaxed while getting around and see what I might want to visit again in the next days.

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When the round was finished, I went back to Old Havana, I strolled up and down the lanes of the Old Town and ended up in Russian Bar with a Daiquiri.

In the evening and after dinner I went back home and took a long sleep.

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