Day 16: Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico #cancun #mexico #thingstodo #islamujeres #travel #solo #inspiration

Day 16 – Explore Cancun, Mexico – Isla Mujeres

Day 16: Explore Cancun, Mexico – Isla Mujeres

After I got some orientation yesterday, what is around my hotel, I was ready for some action today.

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Off To Isla Mujeres

I woke up and thought it is already too late for the first ferry to Isla Mujeres. I wanted to use every minute to explore this little island. Somehow. I decided to let it go and continue sleeping. As I woke up the next time, I felt like I had slept for hours and it would be already noon. When I looked at my watch, it says 7.20 a.m. I was a bit shocked. Whenever I think I can sleep longer, I wake up around such a hilarious time. Ok. So, it was not too late for the first ferry. I could have made it. However, I took my time and chose the second one of the day! The sun was already burning, and I packed my bigger purse to put my sunscreen and two more bottles of water. My swimwear, just in case I want to swim, snorkel, or dive today.

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I should have known it better. Usually, I am not the person, who likes to go on a day trip and changes clothes all the time. I do not want to care about how I can dry in time or were I can switch to my dry clothes. That is why, also this time, I did not need my bikini, although I carried it in my purse.

The ferry took about 40 minutes to Isla Mujeres* and left every hour. The last one at 5 p.m. to my ferry stop. Plenty of time to explore. The plan was to rent a bicycle and drive to the most southern point and stop here and there alongside the coast.

The plan changed during the day.

How To Get Around On Isla Mujeres

After I left the ferry terminal, I was flooded with offers of a Golf-cart, Dolphin Tours*, and Taxis. Every step I took, I was asked if I want to book any of these. I just wanted to get a bike and discover everything by myself. A tour is not necessarily what I want to do all the time.

As soon as I arrived, I already knew that I would not have gone swimming, snorkeling or whatever. Too bad that I had that big purse with me.

After a while walking around, I found a bicycle rent. I got my bike and went on to the south. I hoped the most popular sites were visible from the street I drove. Unfortunately, I have not seen any of them. The road follows a route on the inner side of Isla Mujeres. No ocean, beach or Dolphins could be seen. I needed to take a right and ride into the other direction to find those places. It was too hot, and the sun was burning as hell that I did not make it to a different route. I tried to reach the southern point of the lighthouse and the park with the Maya temple.


Plans Changed

I did not make it. At about three-quarter of the tour, I needed an extended break. I found a beach club and had some drinks to keep myself hydrated. Too much sun, too much movement, I was sweating like I never did before. I lost so much water and was exhausted already. The cycling itself was not the problem, although I am not used sitting on a bike anymore, so my butt gets hurt very quickly. But in combination with the heat and sun, it was too much for me. I had to quit.

With enough rest of power, I turned around and headed back to the city. Dropped off my bike and for the rest of the hour, I strolled around. At the beach, at the shopping zone, and finally I waited for my ferry back home. Almost, I took the wrong boat, to another stop. That would have a disaster. I did not want to walk kilometers back home, when the right one, would be ten minutes only. I realized it just before boarding began.

Things To Do On Isla Mujeres

Conclusion for today is:

Isla Mujeres is an excellent choice if you are into snorkeling (see the underwater museum), swimming (swim at the beach, swim with Dolphins, etc.) or scuba diving. If not, this is not the right place for you, and you can save the 23$ for the ferry ride.

Renting a bike is insane. Yes, I know, but hey, at that moment I thought this would be a better idea than trying to walk the island. Because I had a brilliant experience with small islands like the Aran Islands in Ireland or Mackinac Island in Michigan, I thought this one would be similar. I love little Islands which are easy to walk or explored by bicycle.

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Things To Bring On Isla Mujeres

Never forget your driver license when you go to Isla Mujeres*. The Golf-carts are available with a driver license, and the mopeds, I guess, too. Because I did not plan to use one of them, I did not take my license. I did not regret it, but maybe next time? Also, I should bring some swimwear and enough sunscreen. I guess Snorkeling and Scuba Dive gear can be rented.

Well, my Isla Mujeres adventure was not that successful. I have not seen anything, and I got a little sunburn although I put on at least five layers of sunscreen. It was not the only travel fail on this vacation. On my day in New York, I almost missed my flight to New Orleans, because I took the wrong metro line. 

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  1. I am going two weekends from now and this was very helpful information! I was originally planning on just exploring on foot but I may reconsider now!

    1. Hi Kevin, definitely consider bringing your driver license! Just in case that you want to get around with some of the golf carts or so. Renting a bike is also possible depending on hot it will be around this time of the year! Just be careful if the sun is too strong.

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