Day 17: Vacation Mode in Cancun, Mexico #travel #solo #fail #cancun #mexico #thingstodo #vacation

Day 17 – Explore Cancun, Mexico – Vacation Mode (?)

Day 17 – Explore Cancun, Mexico – Vacation Mode (?)

After my travel fails from yesterday, with the Isla Mujeres, I took a long sleep. I woke up early. Again! At six or seven, but turned around and slept again till 10.20 or so. Hell yeah, finally, I made it happen to sleep longer than usual!

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Vacation Mode In Cancun

Today I had no plans for anything. I mean, I had some options like doing the rest of my tasks for my work (which I finally did, including saying goodbye to my co-workers and informed them, that I will be in real vacation from now on). Another option would be doing some blogging stuff like catching up with my travel diary entries, read my emails, prepare my social media channels for the next weeks. A lot of things to do, but as I am on vacation now, not a must at all.

Go City Card Cancun Mexico #travel #centralamerica #thingstodo

I decided to start with some work. Finished around 2 p.m., I went to Starbucks to get the “I was here”- mug for my best friend and a soy latte as well. That was the only duty I had left for today. Afterward, I went back and bought some more water and something to eat for tomorrow morning.

Back in the hotel, I went to the pool and wanted to relax a little bit. It was good for an hour or so; then it was too cold to stay there. The wind today was stronger and chillier than the previous days.

It was a weird day and weather today. My skin was still suffering a bit from yesterday, because of that, I did not want to lay directly in the sun. But the wind was too cold for staying in the shadow for a long time. Although I felt exhausted, I was not able to sleep or at least, having a little nap. From time to time I even started to get cold. In the end, I gave up and tried to read my book.


Dinner And A Sunstroke

Then I went to the restaurant to have an early dinner because I was hungry. I had a little breakdown. My body shut down for a moment, and as weird as it was, I lost my conscience for a few seconds. Not sure what the other people thought, but when I woke up again, I still did not feel better. I was shivering, felt cold, and was sweating at the same time. It felt like I would break down again every moment. One of the waiters gave me a coke, so my body got some quick energy to bring my system up again. It helped enough that I could pay and go back to my room as fast as I could. Since that time, I stayed in the room of my hotel*. Took a hot shower, as I already was freezing and then slept the one or the other hour.

In the evening, I felt better and took the chance to wash my clothes, just in case that in Cuba is no washing machine available. And I started to catch up with my diary.

Maybe, the day on Isla Mujeres was more than travel fails. I probably got a little sunstroke, which is everything but nice to have. Even the bad day in New Orleans when I poisoned myself with Oysters was not a bad as today’s afternoon was. 

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