Day 14: Leaving New Orleans, Louisiana, Arriving In Cancun, Mexico #mexico #cancun #thingstodo #travel #solo #inspiration

Day 14 – Leaving New Orleans, Louisiana, Arriving In Cancun, Mexico

Day 14: Leaving New Orleans, Louisiana, Arriving In Cancun, Mexico

Time has come to say goodbye to New Orleans. Yesterday, I had my “farewell”- river cruise on the Natchez to do so.

After a genius SmackDown Live and a final last beer at Bourbon Street, I was home around midnight.

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An hour later, it dropped me off at the airport. Only three hours to go until I have to leave New Orleans again. I used the time to catch up a bit with my diary entries of the weekend. It took me a while, as I was pretty busy with all this Wrestling stuff.

Go City Card Cancun Mexico #travel #centralamerica #thingstodo

Unbelievable, how fast one and a half week can be over. But now it is time for a new adventure.

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The new challenge is called Mexico! Cancun, to be more specific! Maybe, this city is for Mexico beginners, especially in the tourist and hotel area I will stay for the next five nights. I just wanted to relax a bit before I continue my journey over in Cuba, which will be a bit more adventurous. However, it is my first time in this country, and I hoped that everything worked out for me. 

With a stopover in Dallas, my flight went on smoothly. It gave me a bit time to check if anything has happened at work. I also needed to do a few reports, but those I could finish later the day.

At two something p.m. we arrived in Cancun. I also booked an airport shuttle here, which brought a few other people and me to their hotels.

I checked in, settled down in my room, finished my report for work and went straight to the beach.


I stayed there for a while and wandered up and down the beach with my feet in the water and watched the ocean. I was so happy that I could finally see the sea again.


Before I returned to my hotel room*, I went to the next beach bar. I was hungry and thirsty, so I did what I usually do when I am in a new foreign country. I got myself a cold local beer and some seafood. The Tuna Tostada was super delicious but too much for this evening. Just in case, I got a takeaway box and took it to my room, where I had a fridge and a small kitchenette with a microwave. Perfect, if I should get hungry the next days. I called it a day and slept happy and well!

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