Dusseldorf: The most beautiful city on the Rhine

Dusseldorf: The most beautiful city on the Rhine, or at least one of them

When the sun is shining, and the weather is sweet to go out and discover your city. No matter if you live here for a long time or you´ve just moved to it, there is always something new to explore. You could watch at the same place or the same building, and you still find something, which you haven´t recognized before. That is what happened when I go out to have a stroll through the town or meet up with friends.

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Brunch at Schwan´s

A couple of days ago I met up with my peeps for brunch at the Schwan, a restaurant which is located right in the middle of Dusseldorf´s old town. It´s always a pleasure having delicious food together with some lovely people. After we spent almost five hours, eating, chatting and enjoying the life we left the restaurant to have a little walk to give our bodies a chance to process all that food.

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Rhine promenade


We walked down to the river. Although it was still freezing the town was full of people, and the Kasematten at the riverfront have already crowded. You could find a lot of different bars and restaurants with a beautiful view on to the Rhine and its surroundings.

Rhine embankment promenade

As it was such a brilliant day with a lot of sunshine, we continued our walk alongside the river and followed the rhine-embankment-promenade for a while. According to the city of Dusseldorf, this is one of the most beautiful boardwalks. It “symbolizes Düsseldorfers’ Rhenish joie-de-vivre and particularly in summer is an expression of the city’s Mediterranean lifestyle.

Historical Old town & Media Harbour

The Rhine embankment promenade links the traditional Altstadt (Old Town) to the modern MedienHafen (Media Harbour) and is lined with cafés and bars. That is the place to relax and watch the Rhine shipping go by. ” (Source: Dusseldorf Tourism) No Need to wait for summer. Every day is good enough to enjoy this unique atmosphere around the river and the old town.

Dusseldorf - Rhinetower and Knie bridge

Dusseldorf - Media harbour Dusseldorf - Rhinetower


After a little while of walking we left the riverfront and went back to the old town, we passed the Carlsplatz, the oldest farmer´s market of Dusseldorf. This place is a treasure trove of different goods as exotic fruits, local vegetables, fresh fish, meat, and poultry. You will find a wide range of fresh baked bread and pastries, cheese, confectionery. Specialties of coffee as well as flowers and plants. I know this place very well as my workplace is situated just around the corner. I spend a lot of time here during my lunch breaks.


Dusseldorf - Carlsplatz

Our day of enjoying tasty food and wandering through the town finished here. In the end, I turned home and laid down on my couch tired but happy!! It is true Dusseldorf: the most beautiful city at the Rhine.

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Can´t wait to be back at work, so that I can have another stroll at the Carlsplatz at lunchtime. 😀

17 thoughts on “Dusseldorf: The most beautiful city on the Rhine”

    1. Thanks, Brajesh, for stopping by! Düsseldorf is indeed a beautiful city! You should also consider visiting during Christmas season! Even more beautiful and all the Christmas lights and markets… 😀

  1. beautiful pics and absolutely compliment the title of your post.. indeed dusseldorf is the most beautiful city at Rhine. And I added in my travel todo list. Thank you for the beautiful post.

    1. Thank you very much, Kunal. You should visit. There are so many things you can do here. From relaxing at the Rhine to visit some Art exhibition or old castle ruins. Drinking the famous “old-beer” or eating some delicatessen (French, Chinese, Japanese or even Rhine-ish specialities) 🙂

    1. Me, too. I love it to stroll around some markets and see what they offer and eat and try some food and products here and there.

  2. I have to visit ….its really beautiful, I like your pictures and your blog is well written and detailed really inspiring

    1. Hi JM Kayne, thank you. Feel free to come around. There are lots of things to do. The weather could be awesome during summertime, around 30 degrees celsius. Between 0-10 degrees celsius in winter. Unfortunately, it can be very unstable like two sunny days followed by rainy ones.

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