Soap bubbles

Soap bubbles in Dusseldorf

Soap Bubbles everywhere…

Finally, spring has come to Dusseldorf! At least for one week…after a whole week of rain before. I almost got desperate and depressive because it rained the whole time during last week. But now weather got warmer and the sun says hello every day! Everywhere in the city, I can see it. People wearing T-shirts and short pants, sunglasses and Soap bubbles everywhere…

Also, the ice cream parlors of the city have already opened their doors. One point of my bucket list for this month… to eat my first cup of Ice cream of the year. Ice cream, Frozen Yoghurt and soap bubbles everywhere…

I love spring! It is one of my favorite seasons of the year. When nature wake up from its winter sleep and all the flowers and trees begin to bloom. When it´s warm enough to leave my warm winter coat in my closet and I can sit outside during lunch break or after work and feel the warm sun touches my face.

And then there is this guy with his soap bubbles. It´s a kind of Magic and I feel like a kid and forget all the bad thoughts and stress and just enjoy the moment.

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