Breakfast at A.nni´s…

What is a perfect start to a Saturday morning? For me it is a tasty and varied breakfast with friends in a pleasant and comfy atmosphere. This is what I had this morning. Breakfast at A.nni´s was defininately a good choice to start the day. It is a small café located in dusseldorf Flingern. Open from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday they offer a buffet breakfast in two shifts. From 10 to 12 for the first sitting and from 12 to 2 for the second one.

You can eat as much as you like as it is an all-you-can-eat buffet offer. It maybe limited on choice but there is enough and all the important things are available. From various types of small buns, to home baked bread and croissants. Delicious smoked salmon, tomatoes and mozzarella with pesto, cucumbers and salad. Granola, fruit salad and, of course, home made jams of Straberry or Raspberry, which are amazing! Everything you need is there and you the only thing you have to do is to take and enjoy it. No big “decision making” with what I should start at first. No fear that I cannot try all…. That´s perfectfor me. As I am (sometimes!) a typical Libra, decision making is always hard for me. This morning it wasn´t an issue at all… From my point of view, the food on offer has an excellent variety. Right amount and not too many choices. The staff are very friendly and attentive, and the buffet is never empty.

Also the drinks are good and tasteful. Café au lait, Latte Macchiato, fresh tea from mince or ginger, a hot chocolate… and the best is, everything is avaiable with soy or lactose-free milk, which is still not a standard in every restaurant.

I had a great time this morning, I enjoyed the food and was very happy with what was on offer. If you wanna have a delicious breakfast with fresh produce and high quality where you taste the passion of the restaurant owners then this is the place t ocome! For me, it won´t be the last time that I visit A.nni´s. The next visit is already in the diary and a table is booked. I´m looking forward to it already.

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What about you? What is your perfect way to start a day or the weekend.  Feel free to leave me a message or a comment under this post. Have a nice weekend.

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