Kaffee und Kuchen bei Oma Erika

This is the life! Cake and coffee at “Oma Erika”(if you don´t have a dictionary: “Oma” is the translation for “Granny” or “Gran”), a small coffee & cake house, located in the heart of Flingern, one of the “In” quarters of Dusseldorf. It doesn´t matter if you want to spend some hours on a Sunday afternoon with some cakes and delicious coffee or enjoy a tasty breakfast with a variety of Bagels or Cereals, this is the right place. A cozy atmosphere, warmth, and hospitable staff. From fresh brewed Espresso, creamy Café, and other styles of coffee specialties to a wide range of cakes like Cheesecake or “Donauwelle.”

I love those small Cafés and Bistros. Just sit there in a corner and read a good book or at the window just because you want to “watch” what´s going on outside. Or like this Sunday – meet up with some friends and enjoy life together. Besides catching up with them because we haven´t met a couple of months, I had a “Donauwelle,” which is a typical German cake with chocolate and cherries and a creamy cheesecake with lemon. But the most, let me say “interesting” thing I had today was the “Lockenwickler,” literally “hair roller” or “curler.”

As the name, Oma Erika implied it tastes… It is an Espresso with liqueur 43er and milk froth on the top. Try it, and you will know what I mean… If you ever be in this area, you have to check this place out!

Here you can find some information about the location and especially the menu: http://oma-erika.com/

I really enjoyed this day and hope that there are more to come. I hope you had a great Sunday as well!

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