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Things To Do: Make The Most Out Of Your Day In Dusseldorf

What to do on a late summer day in Dusseldorf?

I have been living in Dusseldorf since ten years now and I have done a lot of things. Because of that, I sometimes trap myself with the question “What I can do today?” or “How can I spend this day in Dusseldorf”? The strange thing about the place where you live is that you usually know more about other cities you visited as a tourist, a traveler or an explorer. I could tell you about ten different popular sites in Philadelphia, PA but do I know any of the important attractions in my own hometown? Asked yourself… how well do you know your home base? Tell me about a perfect day at your home!



To pretend to be an explorer in my hood is one of my favorite things to do. Every time, when friends of mine or my family visit me, I try to make the most out of their stay. I always use those occasions as a welcome opportunity to explore the city, to show them around and discover new sites together. Making the most of our day in Dusseldorf is always a pleasure for me.

You could read about another day in Dusseldorf, that I spent with my friend David when he came over from England to visit me.

On this weekend I have not had any visitors but I wanted to do something like that. To go out, explore and spent a fabulous day in my hometown. Fortunately, I found some friends of mine who joined me. 🙂

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Breakfast at Sugarbird Cupcakes

What would be a day without a proper breakfast? Right, not a good one, especially, if the maxim of the day is to enjoy it to the fullest. Well, my friends and I started the day with a good and rich breakfast at the Sugarbird Cupcakes. It is the first cupcake café in Dusseldorf. They have to two different locations and one of them is situated in the middle of the city center. Just take the first exit of the tube station Heinrich-Heine-Allee and turn right and you are there already. How easy is that? Expect homemade cupcakes, macarons and other varieties of cakes, which are available on a first come, first served basis. Some sorts of the wide range of cupcakes are only available on special days. So check the online menu first if your favorite is available on your visit to not being disappointed. The rose and white interiors are as sweet as their cupcakes.

update 29.07.18: at the moment the webpage is only available for the Online shop! So, if you want to order some cupcakes for your next party… for booking a table it seems that you need to call the cafés. 

Day in Dusseldorf: Sugarbird Cupcakes Day in Dusseldorf: Sugarbird Cupcakes

Besides of the cakes, they also offer breakfast each day from 10 a.m. There are different breakfast choices à la carte and also a buffet for 12.90 €. On that day, we chose the buffet option. It offers a nice range of cereals, bread, and rolls, cheese, and other cold cuts, yogurt, and fruits. Also some warm dishes as scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages are available. And even some mini cupcakes! DELICIOUS! You have to try it when you come around and spend a day in Dusseldorf!

Day in Dusseldorf: Sugarbird Cupcakes Day in Dusseldorf: Sugarbird Cupcakes Day in Dusseldorf: Sugarbird Cupcakes Day in Dusseldorf: Sugarbird Cupcakes

Find more options to have a great breakfast or for later the day coffee and cakes at Oma Erika or Cafe A.nni.

Midday at the Aquazoo – Löbbecke Museum

The Aquazoo in Dusseldorf is back. After four years of renovating and modernizing it finally opens its doors again. To celebrate this big day, they organized a huge fest for kids in particular over the whole weekend. The first time when I visited the Aquazoo was when I newly moved to Dusseldorf about ten years ago. Since this time a lot happened to me and the zoo as well. I was so excited and wanted to enjoy the huge variety of animals, penguins and all these colorful fishes. It is a perfect activity for the whole family. The kids were so amazed and also the grown-ups, especially me, were stunned by all these little wonders. A huge amount of tanks with all kinds of tiny almost transparent fishes to big ones with all types of colors and even glowing in the dark. Everywhere you could hear “ahhhh“, “ohhhh” and “wow”. I felt like I am one of the little ones when I watched the Puffins paddling in the water or the Penguins playing with each other. I even was a bit scared of the crocodiles and was astonished by the glowing underwater creatures.

Day in Dusseldorf: Aquazoo - Löbbecke Museum Day in Dusseldorf: Aquazoo - Löbbecke Museum Day in Dusseldorf: Aquazoo - Löbbecke Museum Day in Dusseldorf: Aquazoo - Löbbecke Museum

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Afternoon walk alongside the Rhine

After we finished the visit in the aquarium friends called it a day and went home. I had different plans. It was a beautiful day with sunshine the most of the time and I did not want to spend the day in my apartment. A brilliant idea popped up in mind. Another good thing about the Aquazoo is, that it is located next to the Rhine. Therefore, I went down to the river and walked back to the city center alongside the river.

Day in Dusseldorf

It is not a short walk. About an hour or so depending on walking speed and how often you stand still and wonder about the views or the things around. I loved it, having a nice walk by the river in the afternoon sun and I am sure you would love it, too. And no worries, you always have the opportunity to take the underground trains as they go, more or less, parallel to the river as well. Just one or two blocks back into the city turning your back to the river you will find a stop where you can enter the tube. Another good point is, that it is almost impossible to get lost as the river will lead to directly to the city center and the historical town of Dusseldorf.

Open End

Back in the town, there are plenty of possibilities of what to do. Sit down in one of the restaurants at the Kasematten, a riverfront area with loads of different cafés, bars, and gastronomy. Or walk further into the historical town and stroll through the lanes and alleys. Maybe you can taste one of the locally brewed beers, called “Altbier”.

Tip: If you want to taste all of the five local beers, visit the breweries and learn about the history, brewing process and more, you could participate at one of the “Altbier-Safaris“. These are two hours narrated tours with a free sample of beer from each brewery. Highly recommended! As did it myself and I enjoyed this tour to the fullest.

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And if you still do not have enough, stay for another while and have a pub crawl at the longest bar in the world. That will be fun, I promise! 😉

For me, the decision was easy on that day. I spent many nights in the bar district during my time here. My day in Dusseldorf was indeed amazing. I played “tourist” in my own hometown and tried to see the things as it was the first time ever and it was a lot of fun. But for the evening I was glad that I live here and my apartment is easy to reach. I sat on my balcony for a while, drank a coffee and started to write this article.

So what about? Did you have a chance to spend a day in Dusseldorf yet? Tell me your experiences in the comment section!

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48 thoughts on “Things To Do: Make The Most Out Of Your Day In Dusseldorf”

  1. Seriously? What a bad day u planned. Cupcake? Aquazoo? City is way to beautiful to spend a day indoor. Where is the Kö? Benrath Castle? Kaiserswerth or Oberkassel? Where is the Media Harbour?
    If u don’t want to drive and just walk:
    U start a day with coffee at media Harbour and walk along side the river. Cross river to Oberkassel and cross again at niederkassel. Go towards Kö Bogen and further to the Kö itself. Finish with great altbier in the Altstadt. Ratinger Straße is for inhabitants. Stay away from bolker street. Füchschen is the best brewery by miles.

    If u want to go by car. Start in Benrath castle. Drive to Kaiserswerth for lunch. Than go to media Harbour and to trip above. Just a bit quicker of course

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for your recommendations. And yes you are right, these are more incredible things to do in this beautiful city. And if you have more than just one day and you want to do the regular stuff than it I would recommend those things as well. I also think that I made it clear that this post was more for people who have already seen a lot! If you live for 10 years in a city than it´s just naturally that you want to do a few things which you haven´t done before. That´s all I say… By the way, if you want to go to Benrath or Kaiserswerth it might be easier to go there by public transport. Both, are easy to go by subway. And you will have less trouble finding a parking lot!

  2. Playing tourist in your hometown is fun, I just realized that a few weeks ago. I feel you when you said you can know more about places to other cities in other cities that in your hometown. So I made it a point to include places of interest in my city and neighborhood instead of focusing solely on other countries.

    1. Erudite, that´s great. I think it is a good habits to learn more about the place you live. Especially, if you can impress visitors with you knowledge about the city. 😉

  3. It’s always the place that you live in that you know the least! Same for me here! But it is awesome to actually be capable of discovering things about your home you didn’t know existed!

    1. That´s right, Lucille! I am surprised regularly which new restaurants, bars and other stuff is new in town. No better way to stay excited about the place you live for a long time.

    1. It was, Talma! And good for summer, spring, fall and winter. All of the seasons as long as the Rhine is anywhere near 😀

  4. Oh wow, looks like you had an amazing day. I love Germany and have been there many times. So much to see and experience, and love how there is such a big difference between every part of Germany that I visit!

    1. That´s completely true, Caroline! Each part is so different from the other. I am German but I haven´t visited everything by far and am fascinated by all the differences.

  5. Heck, i won’t mind being the only adult (without kids in tow) in that aquazoo, going “aaaawww” and “oohhh” at the puffins & penguins!!! Might have a hard time leaving altogether!! ahahah!! though the walk along the Rhine seems like a good idea afterwards!

    1. Sylvia, the walk was great! And the Aquazoo is really cool, especially the Puffins and Penguins 😀 with or without kids.

  6. Great post. I’ve visited Dusseldorf once. The BF and I were catching a cheap(er) flight to the US and we stayed overnight. You’re right that it was very nice to walk along the Rhine. That was very enjoyable. I also really liked sitting in the bar on top of that tower (I forget the name) the one with a panorama of the entire city. Next time I go I’ll be sure to keep your recommendations in mind.

    -Jesica, home decor blogger @

    1. Hey Jesica, that is awesome that you´ve already been here. Do you mean the restaurant/ bar on top of the Rhine tower? Once the company I used to work for had a Christmas party atop. That was really cool. The whole city in the dark lit up. Awesome. Feel free to contact me here or on one my social media when you´re around. Maybe we could meet up for a coffee or so…

  7. You know, I never thought much about Dusseldorf. It’s just not a place I thought I’d want to go. But as of recent I’m seeing a lot of people going there and it’s making me want to see the place. I’d definitely look into it.

    1. I know, La Shell, a lot of people don´t even know that it exists. But it´s so lovely, so many things to do. Come around, now that Christmas time is near it´s more beautiful. All the lights and Christmas Markets…

  8. This is a great guide! I agree with you that most of us knows more about other countries we visit as tourists, then we do about our own hometown!:-)

  9. Thank you for sharing. I grew up in the south part of Germany and would never thought of visiting Dusseldorf. But there are always different parts of the city that you see when you go with a person who actually lives there. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You´re welcome, Dagmara! That is exactly why I love to show people around when they visit me. It gives myself the opportunity to discover new sites as well.

  10. Germany is a bucket- list place to visit! Most any city would do, but I would most love to visit during Oktoberfest, in Munich. Dusseldorf sounds like fun as well

  11. Great ideas, i will bookmark this post so when we plan to go i will make sure to check n this again cuz definitely worth a try :))

    1. Oh yes it is! You could also have cupcakes only for breakfast 😉 I usually don´t have any issues eating cookies or cakes for breakfast 😀

  12. I would love to visit. Germany is on my list of places to visit, but I never thought of adding Dusseldorf to the itinerary! Thanks for sharing, the photos are awesome.

    1. I´m happy that I inspired you to add Dusseldorf to your list. There is a lot to do in all of the seasons (Spring, Carnival, Summer, Christmas…) A day, a weekend or a whole week or month. Let me know when you will plan your trip. I would be more than happy to help you out with some recommendations. 🙂

  13. Oh those cupcakes look amazing and the aquarium looks like so much fun. Sounds like there’s a lot of options of things to do which I love. Thanks for sharing. I’m pinning this to my travel someday board ❤️

    1. Thank you, Jamie!I´m glad that you like it! LEt me know when you´re around. Maybe we could go for a coffee 😀

  14. I would love to visit Dusseldorf. It looks like a really interesting city with a lot to do! It doesn’t really get mentioned a lot, over here in England, as a potential place to visit. But, it seems like it’s got a lot to offer!

    I love bridges. I think I would visit for the bridge alone haha! Thanks for the tips! I’ll keep these in mind, when I do, eventually, get to Dusseldorf!

    1. Hey Tom, it would be awesome if you could come over. There is indeed a lot to do. If you like, you could drop me a message and I can show you around.

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