A new favorite: Cooking Dad

It seems that I have a new favorite… Cooking Dad! A family owned restaurant in Flingern with fresh and delicious Asian food, started the business in November 2016. Typical Chinese dishes with influences from different regions and cuisines. A family business, where the daughter runs the service with warmth hospitality and a “cooking” dad in the kitchen. They create an atmosphere where you feel welcomed and (almost) like home.

The interior has a clean and light decor of white and mixed wood in medium and dark tones. The meals are cooked with fresh ingredients, crisp vegetables and without any kind of flavor enhancer (without glutamate is what they promise on their facebook page).

Since the opening, I visited this place a couple of times and I had great experiences each time. And the best? It´s located two minutes away from my apartment. Ha!! Dangerous, I tell you… Especially, since they have a delivery co-op with foodora a delivery service which picks up the ordered meals and brings to your door. Both is possible there, dine in or dine out… that´s perfect for me. If I like to go out I could do so, if not…I stay at home and still can have food from my favorite restaurants.

To kick off my recent visit I ordered a Japanese Yuzu tea and, of course, a hot Sake, which was so tasty. I really like it, at least, as long as it hot… As soon as my girls and I have ordered it didn´t take too long till we got our meals. To eat with the eyes first, huh… Doesn´t look this delicious? I had the Pork Chop Hong Kong (Pork chop on rice overbaked with spicy sauce), which you can see on the left picture. Can´t remember the other dishes as I was too focused on mine to keep the names in my mind. The only thing I remember is that girls liked their choices as much as I liked mine. It was a good call, definitely.  I also can recommend the Spicy Chicken Bowl, the Lotus Rice, and the Udon Noodles. (those I tried at some prior visits, already)

It was a great evening with awesome food. A good addition to the restaurant landscape in Flingern and worth a visit, or two, or five… If you go to that place you will find a high quality of food for good prices. Let´s go and decide by yourself and say high to the cooking dad…




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