Where To Have A Walk In Düsseldorf, Germany

Where To Have A Walk In Düsseldorf

Hi, my lovely Dreamer and Wanderer! Have you ever wondered what else you could do in Düsseldorf besides partying, shopping, or sightseeing? Especially in the current times, you can´t do all these things anyway. But Düsseldorf has more to offer. From the beautiful old town to stylish architecture, to walks alongside the river or in one of the many parks. You can even visit castles and wander around the castle gardens. The following article will show off a few of the wonderful walks I did in the past few weeks. So follow me into those walking adventures and see where to have a walk in Düsseldorf.

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Have a walk in Düsseldorf and enjoy spectacular views of the river and the city skyline! Travel to the most beautiful city on the Rhine! #travel #düsseldorf #germany

Walking Adventures In Düsseldorf That Blow Your Mind

Of course, there are many walking routes in Düsseldorf. Especially for a lovely afternoon walk, there are a lot of options. Like Südpark/ Volksgarten, the Nordpark includes a Japanese garden near the Aquazoo or the Hofgarten in the city’s middle. As the city is situated at the river Rhine, there are loads of options alongside the river. And be sure that you can wander through the city itself. There is something for everyone’s taste. If you´re looking for some guided walking tours, feel free to click here* and find a guided tour for your next sightseeing trip. But for now, I´ll show you some amazing locations in Düsseldorf to have a walk.

Walk from Fleher Bridge to Hamm

The walk is about 5,5 km long and leads you alongside the Rhine with spectacular views of Fleher Bridge, the Rhine itself, and boats passing by. On sunny days, you might meet all kinds of people who enjoy a good walk as well. 

One of the best routes alongside the Rhine: from Düsseldorf Flehe to Hamm. #travel #Germany #walkingadventure

While you´re walking, you´ll pass the borough Vollmerswerth and walk on the Vollmerswerther Embankment. Wonder about what happens around you, watch the people, the river, the boats that pass, or maybe lay at the waterside long-term. Just relax and enjoy the moment.

In normal times, you could also grab a coffee or lunch at Hotel and Restaurant Fährhaus,” which is located directly at the Rhine.

And if you´re lucky, you also can find the sheep herd. I love those sheep, and whenever I see them, I can´t help myself but smile! Eventually, you´ll end up in another part of Düsseldorf. The borough of Hamm it´s the smallest one and became part of the city in 1394.

From here, you can decide if you´d like to walk back or continue by heading into the city center or harbor of Düsseldorf. Or you hop on the tram or suburban trains and when you´re tired from all the walking.

Walk alongside the Rhine from Düsseldorf Flehe, to Vollmerswerth, and Hamm. #travel #Germany #walkingadventure One of the best routes alongside the Rhine from Düsseldorf Flehe to Vollmerswerth, and Hamm. Enjoy stunning views of the river and Fleher Brücke. #travel #Germany #walkingadventure

From Hamm To Rhinetower

Start in Hamm and then follow the river. Make sure to stay at the river. If you follow google maps, it maybe leads you to a shortcut through the industrial area of the Düsseldorf harbor, and this would be boring and over too soon. Actually, you don´t need a map at all. Just follow the river, and it´ll lead you into the city.

This route is about 4,7 km and something when you like to have some time for yourself. Especially on the first part of this walk alongside the train tracks. Only a few people will walk in that area as it´s pretty aside from the actual city center. That´s why I personally like that route a lot. 

Nevertheless, soon you´ll pass a golf club, and the route becomes a bit busier. Be careful and pay attention to flying golf balls. 

Walk alongside the Rhine from Düsseldorf Hamm to Rhinetower and Media Harbor. #travel #Germany #walkingadventure


As closer, you get to the city center, as busier it becomes. You´ll meet more and more people as you come to the area of Media Harbor of Düsseldorf. This is a trendy area for wandering around and wonder about stunning views onto the Hyatt Regency Hotel building and the famous buildings of the architect Ghery. It´s one of the best areas for architectural and photograph lovers.

You´ll end up at the Rhinetower, and from here you can decide if you like to explore the Media Harbour or continue your tour by walking to the old town.

From Düsseldorf Hamm to Rhinetower and Media Harbor. #travel #Germany #walkingadventure Cross the pedestrians bridge on your way from Düsseldorf Hamm to Rhinetower and Media Harbor. #travel #Germany #walkingadventure

Have A Walk In Düsseldorf And Cross The Bridges

Here we have a 4,2 km long loop from Rhinekneebridge, over the Rhine embankment promenade to Oberkasseler Bridge and back on the other side of the river. This is probably the best route to see or visit the most sights important sights in Düsseldorf. You also will have a chance to experience how life in Düsseldorf can be. From sitting on the green in front of Apollo, have some cake and coffee at KIT or Citybeach (“Stadtstrand”) in summer, or the lively Kasematten and Rhinestairs.

Have a walk and cross the bridges in the old town of Düsseldorf. #travel #Germany #walkingadventure

Walking adventures in #Düsseldorf, #Germany! Find the best walking routes in the most beautiful city on the river #Rhine Click To Tweet

From both of the bridges, you have stunning views of the city skyline and the Rhinetower. Also, the front view of the borough Oberkassel is situated on the left side of the Rhine. When you´re looking for special light and atmosphere, come here in the early morning when the sun is rising and dips the houses of Oberkassel in a golden light. Or sit down at the stairs in the old town or wherever alongside the promenade and watch one of the most beautiful sunsets.

This route is also perfect for a night walk! When everything is lit up, and you can get some incredible night views of the city.

Cross the Oberkasseler Bridge and have stunning views on river and skyline. Düsseldorf at night. #travel #Germany

Walk from Old Town to North Park

… or the other way around if you like.

Both directions are possible. You only need to decide how to start. With a walk in the park and then back to the city center, or with the old town, and end up with a walk (or a picnic) in the park.

Walk alongside the Rhine from Düsseldorf Old Town to Nord Park. #travel #Germany #walkingadventure

No matter in which direction you like to go, you´ll have the chance to wander in one of the beautiful parks here in Düsseldorf, like the Japanese garden, pass some houseboats on which you can sit for a while and drink a coffee or beer, in Summertime there is another location of the Citybeach. There is a long stretch of green, where you can have a picnic or barbecue, play soccer, or relax in the sun. All of this while having awesome views of the Rhine.

Especially in the evening, it´s a popular location to hang out, sit on the wall, and grab a beer at the “Fortuna Büdchen” and watch the sunset.

River views while walking alongside the Rhine from Düsseldorf Old Town to Nord Park. #travel #Germany Fortuna Büdchen on the way from Old Town to Nord Park. #travel #Düsseldorf #Germany

Afterward, you can decide if you walk all the way back or take the underground trains. Remember, in Düsseldorf, nothing is really far away, and usually, there is always a train or bus station around, or it´s close enough to have a walk.

Walk From Oberkassel To Meerbusch

Is it still a walk, or can you consider it as a hike already? With almost 7 km, it´s the longest stretch I have in this collection. There is a train stop just behind the Oberkassler Bridge from where you can start this walk. It´s charming here. It´s not as busy as it is on the old town side of the town. You have a bit more green and nature besides the streets, pavements, houses, and rivers. Therefore the feeling is already totally different. It´s literally like being in nature, and it´s possible almost to forget that you´re still in the city. This change in feeling gets more significant as further as and as closely as you walk by the river. There are different layers where you can walk, and you can decide how close to the rhine you like to be

Walking alongside the Rhine from Düsseldorf Oberkassel to Meerbusch. #travel #Germany

Usually, as nearer you´re at the water, as fewer people there are. And this is what I´d prefer. It´s just wonderful! And when you were starting this specific little walking adventure, it´s hard to stop it. Fortunately, there is always the option to turn around or take the tube to go back to the city.

Wandering alongside the Rhine from Düsseldorf Oberkassel to Meerbusch. #travel #Germany

Have a Walk From Oberkassel To Heerdt

Not so long as to Meerbusch, only 3,9 km, but no less beautiful, is walking to the borough of Heerdt.

Have a walk from Oberkassel to Heerdt. #travel #düsseldorf #germany

 It´s also alongside the Rhine. A lot of nature, lucky you when you see the sheep again, and a breathtaking view of the city´s skyline.

View the river and Düsseldorf skyline while wandering from Oberkassel to Heerdt. #travel #düsseldorf #germany

Have A Walk At Castle Eller And Gardens

Here comes a walk that doesn´t include the Rhine. But it´s a pretty one, too. Especially when I love visiting castles. And Düsseldorf has plenty of them. Castle Benrath that I´ll tell you about shortly, Castle Jägerhof, at the city center, the Castle tower at Burgplatz, the last remaining piece of the ancient city castle, Castle Garath, Heltorf, Kalkum, and more. You can find more about the 10 best Castles in Düsseldorf in this article by fellow blogger Life in Düsseldorf

I visited one castle for the first time since I´ve been living in Düsseldorf is Castle Eller. It was on my list for quite a long time, but only now I managed to stop by. and see what´s going on there.

Visit Castle Eller and Gardens. #travel #düsseldorf #germany

Usually, you can tour the castle itself, too, and this will be possible as soon as the current times are more stable. Nevertheless, it´s a beautiful castle from the outside. The houses next to it are regular apartment buildings today—lucky, who has the chance to live there. I´d love to see one of these apartments from the inside.

Anyway, you can wander around, step back in time, when possible, enemies tried to cross the moat, and then continue your tour into the castle garden. It´s not the biggest park, but it´s definitely worth a visit for an afternoon walk on the weekend.

No matter if you´re looking for the river, head to one of the many parks, climb castle ruins, or wander castle gardens. There is something for everyone´s taste. #Düsseldorf best #walking routes alongside the #Rhine Click To Tweet

Have A Walk Castle Benrath And Gardens

Probably the most famous and known castle in and around Düsseldorf. Long time. I didn´t know that any other one exists until I saw a signpost to Castle Eller while driving my car. Spontaneously, I´d also say it´s the most beautiful one of them all. But this still needs some proof as I haven´t seen the others yet.

Castle Benrath is a great location for the whole family. Workshops, tours, concerts, visiting the Natural History Museum, and especially the Barock festival in summer make it very special. And don´t forget about the castle garden and park that you can explore for free. It´s also quite close to the Rhine. And if you haven´t enough from all the walking, to stay at the side of the river and head back to the city of Düsseldorf. At least, a part of it.

MORE ADVENTURES FROM DREAM AND WANDERLAND  How To Spend A Fantastic Weekend In Düsseldorf, Germany

Just for your reference… when following the flow of the river Rhine, it takes you about 14 km to Fleher Bridge (the starting point of our very first walking route), and then another 10 km when you combine tour no. 2 and 3 as well. So if you´re looking for a hike for a day, this might be a good possibility.

Visit Castle Benrath and Gardens. #travel #düsseldorf #germany

Kaiserswerth And The Castle Ruins Of The Kaiserpfalz

Last but not least, my favorite day tour location. The nearby town of Kaiserwerth with the ruins of the Kaiserpfalz castle.

I would recommend kicking off your tour with a walk of the historic town. Have a snack at the restaurant “Tonhalle,” look into Klemensquarter, and then have a self-guided tour around this small town. Find the signposts at all the historic relevant locations and learn about the history of Kaiserswerth.

Have a walk in Kaiserswerth. #travel #Düsseldorf #Germany Have a walk in Kaiserswerth. #travel #Düsseldorf #Germany Have a walk in Kaiserswerth. #travel #Düsseldorf #Germany Have a walk in Kaiserswerth. #travel #Düsseldorf #Germany

Afterward, head to the Rhine and explore the Kaiserpfalz. Ancient ruins of the castle, where Friedrich „Barbarossa“ I. lived a few days a year. It´s still there today, and you can climb on it and feel like being back in history.

Of course, you can also walk back to Düsseldorf. Following the river, you can add another 12 km to your book of the Rhine.

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Have a walk in Düsseldorf and enjoy spectacular views of the river and the city skyline! Travel to the most beautiful city on the Rhine! #travel #düsseldorf #germany

Where To Have A Walk In Düsseldorf

You see, there is plenty of choices for having a little walking adventure. Nothing is really far away in Düsseldorf. That´s why it´s called “Dorf,” the German word for village. Although it´s a big city, it still sometimes feels like a village.

And that´s why I love to live here. You often don´t need a car. You can hop on to one of the trams and underground trains or walk! No matter if you´re looking for the river, head to one of the many parks, climb castle ruins, or wander castle gardens. There is something for everyone´s taste.

So tell me! Would you love to explore the city on foot and have a walking adventure alongside the Rhine?

13 thoughts on “Where To Have A Walk In Düsseldorf, Germany”

  1. I visited Dusseldorf a while ago but didn’t get to see much of the city. Now I know where I can go for a walk when I plan a trip there again!

  2. Can you believe: I am German, but haven’t been to Düsseldorf yet…
    I wasn’t aware that the city offers so many options for nature walks!

  3. This looks like an amazing place to visit. I was only in Germany once for one night when the French went on strike and we couldn’t fly into France so we got stuck in Germany. I really want to go there for a full vacation. It’s quite amazing. Thanks for sharing this! Saving it for later.
    ~Andrea | acaponeconnection.com

    1. Hi Andrea, yes, Germany is an awesome vacation destination! Great cities, loads of beautiful castles, wine regions, mountains, beautiful lakes, and even a coastline in the north. You need to come for vacation and start with Düsseldorf 🙂

  4. I love exploring a city on foot, I think it’s the best way to see a place. Düsseldorf is a German city I haven’t had the chance to visit yet but it looks like a great place to explore.

    1. It is, Ummi! Düsseldorf is a great city! Also when you only have time to do some of the “touristy” things. It´s just beautiful to hang out in the old town or grab. a drink and a pizza and sit down at the river stairs and watch the sunset. So much cool stuff to do!

  5. I visited Dusseldorf a while ago but didn’t get to see much of the city. Now I know where I can go for a walk when I plan a trip there again!

    1. Hi Linda, that´s true! Especially, when you don´t know the city well enough to have an idea where to go! I´m glad that you like it!

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