Day 2 - Layover in Dublin, Ireland #travel #diary #ireland #dubin #solo

Day 2 – Layover in Dublin, Ireland

Day 2:

Here I am on Day two of my big journey. Yesterday, on Day 1 – The Take Off in Düsseldorf I started flying over to Dublin for my first of two layovers.

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I arrived around ten p.m., and I spent the night at the airport. I waited for the luggage storing service to open its doors so that I could drop off my suitcase. The next flight would not take off before 2 p.m, that is why I had plenty of time. I wanted to go into the city and stroll a little bit around before I sit on a plane with a lack of space for about eight hours.

Well, I spent the whole night here at the airport. It was not very convenient but to save a bit of money for later was worth it, mainly, because I hoped to find some sleep on the next plane.

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The luggage storing service was available from 5 a.m. (you can find it in the arrivals hall of Terminal 1 at the Dublin airport, when you come in, turn left. It is next to the information point. Just in case that you need it one day). Dropping off my bag and looking for the next bus into the city.

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Shortly after six, I was at St. Stephen´s Green and fortunately found, and open Starbucks immediately. I was so grateful for a good coffee. While I was drinking my coffee, I looked for things nearby which I could visit in the next couple of hours.

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One or two weeks ago, I was playing a game on Facebook.

Think about What you would do when you had only a few hours here in Dublin? What would you do? Where would you go? And what would you love to visit?

Two answers came up several times: The Kilmainham Goal and The Little Museum of Dublin.

These two options were on my small bucket list for today, at least one of them. Unfortunately, both opened at 9.30 a.m. Plus roughly calculated two hours two see and explore everything it would be almost noon, and I still would need to go back to the airport afterward.

Because of that, my choice was the Little Museum of Dublin. Good that it was only a few meters away from my Starbucks. The other one would have been too time-consuming to get there and back. In the meantime, I already started writing these lines. I think I was pretty productive in the past 30 hours.

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Afterward, I grabbed something to eat and drink and went back to the airport, picked up my bag and headed to my gate. Once again, no issues with check-in or security, although I was not sure how strict the airline would be with carry-on luggage. Next stop: NYC!

New York City, wait! The St. Stephen airport in Newburgh. About one and a half hour away from New York City! With traffic jams in the city, even longer. On this trip, I focused on saving some money instead of flying first class, at least for the “Go To” flights. I took my stuff, looked for the next public transport and hoped that I would find my way to my AirBnB in Brooklyn. Tonight I need some rest.

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I am sitting here on my bed right now and writing these lines. I am almost dead and will sleep soon. The plan for tomorrow is to find the replicas of the statue of liberties. Afterward, I will head to the JFK airport. My flight to New Orleans tomorrow will depart at 7 p.m. I hope everything will work out for me.

Have fun! See you soon!

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