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Day 2: From London to Plymouth

Day 2: From London to Plymouth

Yesterday, I arrived in London. Today, my journey continues. I will head to Plymouth for the next couple of days. The starting point of the Mayflower and the first settlers on its way to their new home on the other side of the Atlantic to found their first New England colony in 1620.

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Leaving London

I booked the train tickets to and from Plymouth at home already, so no need to stress myself out this morning. Just go to Paddington and catch my train. Fortunately, my lovely English friend, who I visited yesterday, accompanied me for a part of the train ride, so I did not need to worry about how to go from Croydon to Paddington. Sometimes, it is very nice to have someone who thinks for yourself. I do so many things by myself that it is a great experience to rely on someone else.

Day 2: London To Plymouth

The train ride went smoothly, it was a mixture of sleeping, and looking out of the window watching the English countryside. Did you know that you can do a houseboat river tour here in England? While looking out of the window, I saw a few of them and remembered, that my friend told me that he did one in the past. A pretty cool idea, I should keep that in mind for future travels.

Arriving in Plymouth

After arriving in Plymouth*, I quickly found my hotel. It is 15 minutes walk from the railway and pretty good to find, thanks to google maps. I also was lucky with the weather. The forecast said something about rain, but so far, the entire time it was, at least, dry and warm. About 25 degrees Celcius, pretty hot for this area and the time of the year. My winter coat is almost too warm for this.

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However, the air conditioning in the train was that cold, that I immediately took a hot bath, after I entered my room. So relaxing; I love hot baths.

Soon it was time for the reason why I traveled to Plymouth. I headed to the Plymouth Pavillions for tonight’s Wrestling show. Oh, yes, I love Wrestling, and I have been a fan since my childhood. Wrestling is fun, and drama! Everything you need for proper entertainment! It was an awesome show, with a lot of talented wrestlers! Well, cannot wait until tomorrow for the second show! 

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