Day 4: Explore Plymouth - Mayflower Steps, Plymouth Gin & The Hoe #travel #solo #thingstodo

Day 4: Explore Plymouth: Wellness, Plymouth Gin, and The Hoe

Day 4: Explore Plymouth: Wellness, Plymouth Gin, and The Hoe

Yesterday, I was looking for a chance to get a massage, and indeed, I found something, and it is not far away from the hotel. It is right around the corner. The Bretonside Beauty Clinic, I can highly recommend it, if you are keen for a little wellness. My expectation was not very high, but afterward, I felt as good as I have not done for a long time. I had my massage and my pain in the shoulder and neck area got a bit better.

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Mayflower Steps

Relaxed as I was afterward, I was ready for the next stop for this day. Finally finding the Mayflower steps. And I did! But for me and my luck, I could not see them, due to construction works, which were ongoing. The only thing I could see was this:

Day 4: Explore Plymouth - Mayflower Steps Day 4: Explore Plymouth - Mayflower Steps

Plymouth Gin Distillery

The Plymouth Gin distillery was the next point on my list for today. I wanted to attend the tour yesterday already, but there were no free spots anymore. Anyway, today, I got my tour and tasting! And it was interesting; I did not know very much about the process or the ingredients of Gin. But now I understand a bit more and appreciate the different recipes and tastes of Gin in general. The second part of the tour was the tasting part. We got some free samples of the original Plymouth Gin and a Slow Gin. Both were very tasty, very smooth, and it seems that I became a little gin fan. I also got in touch with some other tour attendees, and later we had the complimentary free gin tonic in the attached bar then.

Day 4: Explore Plymouth - Plymouth Gin

The Flower Café

After finishing the tour and the free drink, I needed to eat something, so I went back to this cute little café, The Flower Café, and hat a giant Unicorn Hot Chocolate. I saw it yesterday, a girl had it, and I immediately wanted it, too. Now I got this super duper incredible hot chocolate, with smores, and colorful sprinkles, a lot of whipped cream and unicorn cookies. It was amazing. So when you are in Plymouth* yourself, make sure to stop by here and have one of these hot chocolates.

Day 4: Explore Plymouth - The Flower Café Day 4: Explore Plymouth - Unicorn Hot Chocolate

The Hoe

In the afternoon, I just walked around the town, I walked to The Hoe and visited Smeaton´s Tower. Did you know, that I love Lighthouses? As soon as there is an opportunity to visit and climb it, I have to do so. I enjoyed the view over the Plymouth Sound, and soon it becomes late and dark, and I went back to the hotel. My body still needed to rest. Therefore I spent the evening relaxing in my room and went to bed early rather than spending it in a pub and drink probably too much beer.

Day 4: Explore Plymouth - The Hoe & Smeaton´s Tower

Tomorrow will be my last full day in Plymouth, and I am looking forward to exploring more! Maybe, I will take the ferry to one of the smaller islands, or to Cornwall, which is right on the other side of the Tamar, or I walk the Coastal Path. We will see, how I feel tomorrow.

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