Day 5: Explore Plymouth - Boston Tea Party, Devil´s Point -Fort Williams Yard #travel #solo #thingstodo #plymouth

Day 5: Explore Plymouth – Boston Tea Party, Devil´s Point, and Fort Williams Yard

Day 5: Explore Plymouth – Boston Tea Party, Devil´s Point, and Fort Williams Yard

Day 5 of my current solo adventure has started late. I slept one and a half hour longer than usual. I took that as good sign that my body slowly falls into vacation and relax mode. At least, I hope so!

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Just one short sports session later (if you wonder, I use Gymondo*, an online platform with workout videos, etc.), I head into town to explore the city a bit more. After discovering the Barbican, having a boat tour, The Hoe and a Plymouth Gin Distillery Tour, and many more during the past days, I had a few options for today.

Boston Tea Party

But first things first, breakfast!!! I stopped by at the Boston Tea Party, a restaurant which I passed a couple of times already on my way into the city and back to the hotel. An excellent decision, because the Lime-Ricotta pancakes with Maple syrup and maple butter, and bacon were delicious. Yummy! Have you tried Maple butter? I should have earlier!!

Day 5: Explore Plymouth - Boston Tea Party #travel #plymouth #breakfast #whattoeat

Devil´ s Point & Fort Williams Yard

For the rest of the day, I had two possibilities of what to do. On the one hand side, I could take the ferry to Mount Edgecumbe and spend the rest of the with discovering this small island. On the other hand, I could walk the coastal path around the Plymouth sound, all the way to Devil´s Point and the Fort Williams Yard. Due to a lack of cash, as the ferry needs to be paid cash, it was an easy decision. For a second, I considered finding an ATM and get some money, but for just one day left in England, I decided to walk to Devil´s Point. Anyway, the property on Mount Edgecumbe was not open for the public anymore, as the season is already over. Therefore, I believe, I have not missed too much!

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Nevertheless, I had a pleasant three hours walk, alongside the Plymouth Hoe, Lido, and many more to the Devil´s Point and Fort Williams Yard. Usually, it is just a 40-minutes walk, but if you stay here and there and wonder about the things it might take a bit longer, and I also count the way back.

 Day 5: Explore Plymouth - Fort Williams Yard #travel #solo #plymouth #thingstodoDay 5: Explore Plymouth - Fort Williams Yard #travel #solo #plymouth #thingstodo Day 5: Explore Plymouth - Fort Williams Yard #travel #solo #plymouth #thingstodo

Relaxing and Thinking

While I was writing these lines the first time (usually, I always have a journal and a pen with me, so that I could scribble down some ideas and thoughts), I was already back at the Barbican waterfront and sat down in one of the bars. While I was sitting there, relaxing, thinking, writing, and nibbled at my glass of Plymouth Gin Tonic, I also just sat there and stared holes into the air while having an empty mind. I can say, this is quite a success in comparison to the busy days back home. Calm down and clear my mind!


Overall, I can say that Plymouth* is a great destination to spend a weekend or so, especially, during the summer months it must be fun. Nonetheless, I have to admit, that it seems that I do not find a connection to the country. It is not Plymouth itself but England as such, or maybe it is London only? I am not sure! Just, for example, I have been to London quite a few times. Unfortunately, I still do not feel a good connection to it, although, there are some cool locations, and the experiences I had with my lovely English friend are fantastic.

Plymouth is similar. There are pretty places, and sitting here and there, having a Gin Tonic, or Unicorn Hot Chocolate is fun, and walking around for hours is something which I like to do. Nevertheless, it does not feel as I have to be back or it is my dream vacation. Is it the country? Is it the people? Is it me? I had the same impression of Brussels, Belgium. I had the same odd feeling that I do not like the city that much.

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However, I believe, I am more attracted to other places, and it is not bad at all. It is all about the experience, isn´t it? In the end, I came to Plymouth because of the Wrestling shows on Saturday and Sunday. At least, these were fantastic. And tomorrow, new adventures waiting for me!

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