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Day 1: From Düsseldorf To London

Day 1: From Düsseldorf to London

Here is the second round of my Travel Diary Category. I started this section during my previous vacation to Dublin, NYC, New Orleans, Cancun, and Cuba. Many places, so there is a lot to tell! The reason for that is that I write down my memories anyways, usually in a journal or my planner which I regularly have with me. Also because I want to show you that my travels are not always easy and fun, but includes a lot of travel fails, adventures, and incredible stories. So if you think, we travelers have always shiny and glamorous times, here you will find the truth.

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Take Off In Düsseldorf

4.40 in the morning and I could not sleep anymore, which was not that bad as I still needed to pack my bag. As usual, I travel with carry-on luggage only, so it would take a while to plan what to take with me, and what to leave at home. Mainly because I travel to three different weather zones this times, it is a logistical genius needed to pack the right clothes.

Day 1: Düsseldorf To London

However, I took the chance, got up, and did a sports session, had breakfast, and got my suitcase ready. I am such a last minutes packer… Nevertheless, almost on time at 8 a.m. I was sitting in the office and tried to manage some final things before leaving for my three weeks of vacation later in the afternoon.

3.30 p.m. I eventually left the office and headed to the airport. Everything worked fine until all passengers sat in the machine. We all were ready, but apparently, London was not. The pilot told us that there is an issue with London airports so that fewer planes can land there than usual. Therefore we were stuck in Düsseldorf airport for an entire hour. Not so perfect to start a vacation like that…

Landing in London

It continued in London*… We finally could depart and the flight, besides of big bumps and shakes due to strong winds (which was probably the reason for the reduced plane schedule in London area), we made it to the ground. I could not wait to get to the bus and then to my English friend, who I met this evening to have a pint or two before heading to Plymouth* tomorrow.

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Final Stop: Croydon!

However, no bus! Instead, I had to wait another 45 minutes. The bus itself need about 90 minutes, so it was already late, and due to the delays of the flight and the bus, it was later anyway. Nonetheless, in the end, I made it to Croydon, where my friend lives.

But nothing could stop us from having a pint or two, and catching up. Afterward, we went home and to sleep, after a fantastic night, although the beginning was not that nice.

Hopefully, everything will be fine, with my travel tomorrow and the next week!


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