Day 3: Explore Plymouth - The Barbican & A Harbor Boat Tour #travel #solo #england #plymouth #thingstodo

Day 3: Explore Plymouth – Barbican and A Harbor Boat Tour

Day 3: Explore Plymouth: The Barbican, and a Harbor Boat Tour

Happy Birthday to me!! It is October, 14th, and this usually is my birthday! The past years, I always was anywhere else in the world instead of being home on this day, for instance, last year, I spent my birthday in Ireland. So I am, this year. I am in Plymouth, England! On Friday, I flew to London, and yesterday, I went to Plymouth by train.

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Today is the first day that I can sleep as long as I want and it worked. It has been a while, that I did not wake up at six or seven in the morning on a weekend day. But today, it was different. Awesome! It also took a while that I got up and ready for the day, but no worries, I had no big plans for the day, because, today was the second night at the Pavillions for another Wrestling show, which should begin at six p.m., so I had not had so much time anyways.

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First, I got my first birthday wishes of the day, was happy and excited about them, and then I figured out where to get a massage. I found a small beauty salon around the corner, where I got an appointment for tomorrow morning.

Explore the Barbican and Sutton Harbor

Eventually, I left the room and went to the Barbican first. It is the oldest part of the town, and you can find a lot of restored buildings like Tudor styled houses, cobbled stone streets, and narrow lanes. A pleasant area with a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars.

Day 3: Explore Plymouth - The Barbican & A Harbor Boat Tour Day 3: Explore Plymouth - The Barbican

Usually, you can also find the Mayflower steps here, where the Mayflower started its journey over the Atlantic in 1620. But I and my travel luck have not found it. I saw several post signs pointing in one direction, and then to the other, but somehow I did not see anything.

Anyway, because I skipped breakfast, I started starving and was looking for a restaurant. I found one on the new street, where I had some delicious Pasta. Afterward, I headed to the Plymouth Gin distillery, hoping to get a spot on one of the tours. Unfortunately, no luck today. Everything was booked entirely, and the next possibility would be for the next day. Therefore, I reserved my spot for Monday noon. A good plan for tomorrow; a massage, a gin tasting…

A Harbor Boat Tour

Instead, I headed back to the harbor area and booked a trip on a harbor boat tour alongside the Plymouth sound and the river Tamar. The tour lasted for about an hour and cost seven pounds. The tour was fully narrated, and the guide told us so many things about the different locations, islands, breakwaters, and more! If you want to have a pleasant boat trip and a lot of information, this is the right thing for you! But be prepared, bring a warm hat and scarf as it is freaking cold when you sit on deck!

Day 3: Explore Plymouth - A Harbor Boat Tour

Afterward, it was time to go back to the hotel to warm me up again and got ready for the evening. Wrestling at the Plymouth Pavillions! Happy birthday!!!

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