Day 18: Welcome To Montauk, Long Island, New York #travel #solo #thingstodo

Day 18: Welcome To Montauk, Long Island, New York

Day 18: Welcome To Montauk, Long Island, New York

One day at the beach yesterday was already enough to recover from the busy two weeks in Colombia. And the time at the beach continues. Yesterday, I spent the day at the Rockaways, and today I am back to one of my favorite places on earth; Montauk!

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Why I love Montauk, New York

Do not get me wrong! I liked Colombia! All these new experiences, and faces I have met. Or the colors of Cartagena and the vibrant atmosphere and the lovely people! But it was also hot, rainy, and humid. And the main issue for me was the crazy and busy streets in Cartagena. It was not possible to make five steps in a row without having someone who wants to sell anything. For me, it is very exhausting!

Now, I am back at “the end of the world” Montauk. And it is how I remember it. Quiet, a bit lonely, calm, and peaceful! At this time of the year, in particular, as it is already offseason and fewer people are here, and fewer tourists. The beach day yesterday at the Rockaway* peninsula, just outside New York City, and today waking up with this view and sunshine, it is so much more relaxing than the past two weeks in Colombia combined.


Welcome To The End Of The World

Hello Montauk Beach

One goal I had for my stay in Montauk, was visiting the lighthouse. The last time when I was here, I had no car, and six miles walking was a bit too far for me. So I just saw the lighthouse from a distance and could not get up. This time, I did not want to miss the opportunity. Luckily John, the host of the Sunrise Guesthouse* told us that the lighthouse is only open from Friday to Monday, due to low season, which means, that I had to go today!

Explore Long Island - Montauk Beach #travel #solo #newyork #beachlife #beachlove #thingstodo

Hello Montauk Lighthouse

That is why, I went, after breakfast, and saying hello to my beach, straight to the lighthouse. And yes, I made it to the top. It is a cutie! It is not the highest one, but one of the oldest operating one in the state of New York. And I was happy that I finally made it.

Explore Long Island - Montauk Lighthouse #newyork #lighthouseobsession #thingstodo #travel #solo #lighthouselover Explore Long Island - Montauk Lighthouse #newyork #lighthouseobsession #thingstodo #travel #solo #lighthouselover

Hello Montauk

Afterward, I drove around Montauk, had a cheesesteak at Sammy´s, walked by Deborah Thompson Day Spa, where I made an appointment for one more massage. Before I went home, I stopped at a supermarket, where I bought some water for the next days and ice cream for tonight. Back at the guesthouse, I switched on the fireplace and watched Halloween, while I was eating my ice cream. This is so awesome!!!

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Traveling Alone Is Awesome

That is the best while going solo. I can decide to do nothing without arguing with someone who has different plans or who thinks this is not appropriate behavior in a vacation at a place where you might not come back very soon. I am just not a party girl. I never was, and I never will be. So quiet, relaxed evenings are sometimes the best choice for me. By the way, in two days is Halloween, let us see what these days will bring!

Explore Long Island - Montauk #solo #travell #beach #thingstodo

Tomorrow will be the day when I finally start exploring Long Island. The Hamptons, Sag Harbor, and Shelter Island are waiting and I cannot wait to enjoy the journey!

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