Day 31: Explore Varadero, Cuba #cuba #varadero #travelfail #travel #solo #thingstodo

Day 31 – Varadero, Cuba

Day 31:

Today was the last day of the German couple, who I met several times here in Cuba. And after last night they wanted to stay at the beach today. So, after breakfast, we put our swimwear on, got some beach towels and spent the rest of the day at the beach. Yes, the beaches here are beautiful, although, I still missed the beach on Cayo Santa Maria. There it was even whiter, cleaner, and the water bluer. However, I tried to not think about it too much, and enjoy the last days.

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It was a tranquil day. We have not planned anything, besides swimming in the ocean and laying in the sun. I found a different book in one of the houses here and could read a little bit. I also slept a while. It was like I hoped it would be. Relaxing! I knew, driving myself here in Cuba could be hard and exhausting. That is why I wanted to stay at a beautiful place with “all-inclusive” amenities and relax before I have to go home. Today, it was exactly like how I wished it would be. Relaxing, calm and peaceful, no need to do anything, enjoying life.

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Day 31: Varadero, Cuba #cuba #varadero #travelfail #travel #solo #thingstodo

Later in the day, we met the Canadian “Salsa” guy from yesterday again. He told us that it is his last day and he would fly back home tonight. So we spent some time with him and chatted about everything.  In the evening, when he had to leave, we said goodbye to him.

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Afterward, we watched the entertainment show together the last time before we went to our rooms for sleeping.

Indeed, today was not as busy as usual. However, it was good to have a day where I could relax a little bit. I mean, these are also vacation, so I should make sure that I go back home with as much new energy as possible, should not I?

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