Day 25: Welcome To Trinidad, Cuba #trinidad #cuba #roadtrip #travel #solo #thingstodo #inspiration

Day 25 – Explore Trinidad, Cuba

Day 25:

After the bad news from yesterday, that the receptionist did not find my reservation, the primary focus today is finding a bank or an ATM to get enough cash to pay my room, just in case. As the boss does not work on weekends, I have to wait until Monday. Is not this a great start to a vacation day? One sleepless night already, one more to follow. That is how one wants to spend one’s holidays.

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I think for Trinidad, the better option would have been one more Casa Particulares, instead of a hotel. But now it is too late anyway. 


With this in mind, I started the day with breakfast, also not comparable to the breakfast I had in my Casas in Havana or Playa Larga. I wandered around the historic part of Trinidad, tried to enjoy the houses and building at least for a little bit.

After a while, I found a WiFi hotspot, a bank, which opens on Monday, and took a whole round through the old town. Then I met a waiter from one of the restaurants, and he tried to describe where I will find an ATM. In the end, he took a break from work and showed me where it is.

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When I got some money there, I felt a bit more relaxed. Knowing, that in the worst case, I would have enough money to pay the room (twice) was a relieving feeling. The guy and I, we chatted a little bit and had lunch together. I enjoyed this part of the day until he started to tell me that he thinks he likes me and wants to see me again. Maybe for a dance night when he finished work.

To be honest, I started to feel uncomfortable when he told me that. The purpose of this trip is not to fall in love here, and I do not want to be an adventure only.  I do not want to tell him the whole evening that I do not want that, knowing that he does and… Hach; that is too complicated for me to enjoy such a night, so I said thank you but also goodbye.

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Slowly, I went back to the hotel. It is incredibly hot here, and almost no wind to cool you down.

Back up the hill, where the hotel is located, I was exhausted. I had a little Siesta, checked my emails, wrote a little bit and was ready for sleep again. Tomorrow, I will explore Trinidad one more time. With a free head for the beauty of the buildings and the museums. A delicious lunch or dinner, and maybe I will meet again my new friends from Düsseldorf, who I met in Playa Larga, as they want to come to Trinidad as well.

We will see! Good night!

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Day 25: Explore Trinidad, Cuba #trinidad #cuba #roadtrip #travel #solo #thingstodo #inspiration

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