Day 32: Goodbye Varadero, Cuba #cuba #varadero #travel #solo #thingstodo

Day 32 – Last Day Varadero, Cuba

Day 32:

After all the trouble with the hotel here (I will never book this one again! Be warned, do not book it yourself at any time! Better sleep in your car then!) it was fun anyway. Fortunately, I met my new friends again. I met them in Playa Larga for the first time and later in Trinidad. They did not know but coincidently booked the same hotel as I did when I left Havana.

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Good that they were here, I am not sure if I had survived the days in this hotel without anyone else. Maybe, I would have checked out immediately and went back to Havana. Forget the already paid money but having some last pleasant days without being mad about this “Bruchbude.”

Together we had a blast anyhow! At least, we made it a blast!

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However, today was the day when they left Varadero, heading back to Havana and fly back to Düsseldorf tonight. As usual the past few mornings, we met and had breakfast together. Afterward, they prepared for leaving, and I waited for them to say goodbye.

It felt already sad. Not only because I “lost” some lovely guys, but also because I had to say goodbye to friends. No worry, I believe we will see each other again back in Düsseldorf. They also live there. How small the world is. You travel to Cuba, end up in a small village named Playa Larga and meet people from your hometown. How crazy life can be!

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I also felt sad because their leave meant that mine is not far away! Only one day to go before my almost five weeks journey will end as well, and I am not sure if I am ready to go back yet.

I recognized it several times, especially, when I am on the road for such a long time, had so many experiences and maybe even made new friends. It is like leaving my home. Going home, leaving friends, leaving family, all at once! I cannot describe it accurately, but it is a weird feeling. A feeling which I do not remember in my early days when I had regular, boring, “normal” vacation at an all-inclusive hotel somewhere in Tunisia or Teneriffe. Not that those vacations have to be wrong, I do it right now! But I would not do it longer than a couple of days and not for my whole vacation. I need more experiences, more adventures, more changes, more freedom.

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Day 32: Varadero, Cuba #cuba #varadero #travel #solo #thingstodo

However, all those thoughts and feelings coming up on those last days. Sometimes I think that I feel more home when I am on the road and the time being at my flat in Düsseldorf and the day to day life is the vacation.

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I say one more time “goodbye.” While I am writing those lines, which are more a little insight of my confused thoughts than a travel report (on the other side, it is a diary, and those are the things you put into your log, right?), the time goes by, and it is almost time for dinner. Yeah, one last time dinner from the extensive buffet. (That is one thing I am looking forward to home; a proper meal, cooked by myself, or a healthy salad! Yummy! Not that they do not have it here, but it is still a different thing!)

So, goodbye for now! Tomorrow is one more and the last travel day! I will go home for a while!

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