Day 26: Explore Trinidad, Cuba #trinidad #cuba #thingstodo #travel #solo

Day 26 – Explore Trinidad, Cuba – Part Two

Day 26:

Today morning I had an appointment at the reception to clarify if they find my reservation. When I arrived in Trinidad, the hotel had problems finding it and told me that I should come back on Monday morning. Meanwhile, I should take a room and be prepared to pay it twice. Thanks to the hotel for two sleepless nights.

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Eventually, they found it. Whatever the problem was, the staff confirmed, that it is there and I do not have to pay anything else, besides the stuff from the minibar, I used.

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Finally, I can relax entirely. I went back to my room had slept a few hours more. Wrote a few lines and finally showered. It was already afternoon when I was ready to leave the hotel. The good thing is, it was not that hot anymore.

The freedom to do those things without taking care of another person needs is one of the things I love about traveling solo.

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When I went down into the town, guess who I met again! The Cuban guy from yesterday! Destiny, he called it! I do not know anything about destiny. But the city, especially, the old town is so small that the possibility to meet the same people again is pretty high.

However, the rest of the day we spent together. We had some drinks here and there as well as lunch. And then my new friends from Playa Larga arrived. We met at the stairs of Casa Musica, and all four of us enjoyed the evening. The girl and I took a professional Salsa lesson. Advanced lessons with the Salsa Master for her, beginners session for me. I tried dancing before in Havana, but for the first time that I tried Salsa, the steps started to make sense to me. I hope I can use it in future and practice a bit more.

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We danced a little bit more at the stairs when the band played their songs and took a walk around the streets experiencing the nightlife before we called it a night and said goodbye. The perfect end of an enjoyable night.

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Day 26: Explore Trinidad, Cuba #trinidad #cuba #thingstodo #travel #solo

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