Day 20: Explore Havana, Cuba #Havana #cuba #travel #solo #habanaviejo #oldhavana #inspiration

Day 20 – Explore Havana, Cuba!

Day 20:

After a long sleep, I woke up in my new home for the next days.

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A Casa Particulares, a room, which you can rent, in a private home. Available on AirBnB or other apps like Cuba Junky which are specialized for Cuba rentals. Or knock on each door with a sign on it and ask if they have a room available. They have a white flag with a blue anchor at their doors, so it is easy to find them.

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Then I went outside to explore the area. I went one street down, the other up and was just wondering about the mass of people. The kids have one week of vacation from school, maybe that is why there are so many people in the streets, besides the tourists.

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I found a lovely little café where I had breakfast. Bread, cheese, ham, two fried eggs, jam, and a fresh pineapple juice. Mainly, the bread was delicious. Just a regular one, not a too sweet mass of something like in Mexico. Enjoying every bite of it, I also prepared a piece for taking away, as I could not eat everything anyway.

Afterward, I continued my exploring tour. I found the Casa of Viktor Hugo, and the Hotel Ambos Mundos, where Ernest Hemingway lived while he was in Havana. I also took a photo of him in the bar La Floridita.

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A little break at the Plaza Vieja, and a dancing session with a Cuban guy later, I went on strolling the streets of Old Havana. I found a Cuban supermarket where I could buy some bottles of water as I need to drink more of it not to get dehydrated. Another day with a sunstroke, especially, after that one I had in Cancun, would be worse.

Soon it was afternoon, and I went back to my room and had a little Siesta. I always get tired more quickly when it is hot like that.


In the evening my host family cooked dinner for me. It was delicious and less expensive than eating out. And the final of the day, one of them took me to the park with the WLAN hotspot and gave me an access card. So I could check my emails, let some people know that I am still alive and figure out where I want to go next. I have not made a decision yet, and I need a few more internet hours to do a bit more research about that.

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However, back in the apartment, I went to bed immediately as I was almost dead but happy.

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Day 20: Explore Havana, Cuba #Havana #cuba #travel #solo #habanaviejo #oldhavana #inspiration

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