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Why Saying Goodbye Is The Worst

Why Saying Goodbye Is The Worst

First things, first! I planned to write a different version of a “report-from-the-road.”

A version in that I tell you about the fantastic time I had here in Würzburg (my first stop of the road trip on the Romantic Road in Germany). And talk about all the great experiences I had. How excited I am, being on the road again and traveling one of my bucket list items that stood there for a very long time!

Instead, it will be a slightly more personal letter! I’ll tell you a bit about how I feel right now! And why saying goodbye is the worst!

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Making friends while traveling! And why it hurts to say goodbye!

All These Moments

After an exciting and busy morning in the hostel, visiting a few more of Würzburg’s more or less hidden gems, and having a coffee and cheesecake in a café at the market square, I went down the river promenade of the Main. I found a free bench right in front of the river and with a view of Marienberg Fortress.

At this moment, a pretty perfect moment, where I could calm down and be okay with me and everything around me… At that very moment, a feeling of weird sadness was creeping into my mind.

And then, all the other moments when I felt the same kind of sadness came into my mind. I know this feeling. I had that before.

All those moments have a few things in common:

1. I had an extraordinary time!
2. I met a lot, or sometimes only one person I connected uniquely!
3. Those people left before I did, and we had to say goodbye!

It’s weird! And I have no clue why I feel this kind of sadness! Although, I guess it’s a good kind of sadness! Or maybe sadness is the wrong word, but I can’t find another one that adequately describes this feeling! 

I only know that it has something to do with the people I met!

Special Times, Special People

My time here in Würzburg was indeed memorable!

1. It’s the first trip after a long period of not traveling at all!
2. It’s part of a journey that stood on my bucket list for a very long time!
3. Würzburg is a lovely, charming, but vibrant small town!
4. The most important reason is that I met a lot of awesome people!

Indeed, this trip reminded me of some other trips I had. For instance, I met my best English friend five years ago!

Or my very first solo trip to New Orleans, where I met my dear friends from Rhode Island.

Or when I visited a new friend (who I met in my home town Düsseldorf) and his family at his home in Texas!

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Every day I met someone else! We had a great time, fun, and I’ll take some fantastic memories home with me!

Like the couple from Hamburg that I met the first evening at “Old Main Bridge.”

Or the guy (born and raised in and around Würzburg, but knew a lot of Düsseldorf, too) at “Avocadobar” that “rescued” me from a huge bunch of ladies who entered the cafe as part of a food tour or so. Suddenly, I sat right in the middle of those women and didn’t know if I should flee or try to ignore them and eating my Avocado Sandwich. Fortunately, he invited me to his table! So it was all good!


Later that evening, I met another guy, Austrian, but came to Würzburg 20 years ago!

From all these experiences, I take all kinds of memories with me! Some will last, some maybe not!

But the ones who are still in my mind, and I believe it’s one of these sporadic connections that might stay for a lifetime, is a family that I met in the hostel on the second evening.

Party of five with three girls. 8, 6, and 4 years old, and the cutest ones! On that evening, I was sitting on the hostel terrace, and when the three came in, they immediately started to tell me all about their lives, asked me loads of questions, and bonded immediately!

The next evening we sat together with some other hostel guests! And today morning I had to play all kinds of games with them! 

Then, they left, heading to their next vacation destination! We had to say goodbye!

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How to make friends while traveling and why saying goodbye hurts!

What Is Left When We Are Leaving?

In this particular case, what is left is, of course, the memory of these two and a half days!

What is also left is a small gift from the oldest one to remember her and the others! Nothing special, but the gesture is the most important thing!

And their names, email addresses, and an invitation to visit if I ever will be around their hometown!

Why Am I Sad Then?

I think the answer is more straightforward than expected!

Because I already miss them!

And the knowledge that they won’t be at “home” when I go back to the hostel!

And yes, a little bit of being left behind because they’re gone, and I’m still here (which is silly because we have different plans, don’t travel together, and I’ll be gone tomorrow, too).

That’s why saying goodbye is the worst!

Being Grateful Might Be The Better Word

I’m wondering if being grateful isn’t the better word! Grateful for having met them and getting close to them in such a short time! 

That is my favorite part of traveling, of traveling alone, in particular! Getting in touch with total strangers, and sometimes finding friends for life!

That is my favorite part of traveling, of traveling alone, in particular! Getting in touch with total strangers, and sometimes finding friends for life! #friendship #travel #BloggersTribe #theclqrt #travelblogger Share on X

Making Friends For Life!

With these words, I want to thank all my friends from all over the world, who I met on former travels! Thank you for being in my life! You’re always in my heart!

Also, “Thank You” to all my close friends from home and my family! 

I love you all!

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How to make friends while traveling and why saying goodbye is the worst!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you have met remarkable people while you were traveling? Are you still in touch with them? What did make them that special? Leave me your thoughts in the comments?

7 thoughts on “Why Saying Goodbye Is The Worst”

  1. This post makes me thankful for all people we met on the road. Indeed, some are temporary meetings, and just have good time together, and some people stay in your life after that. For example, me and my husband met a couple from Spain when we were in Malaysi, and now we continue communicating with them, 2 years later. In conclusion, don’t get upset but be grateful for all people you meet on the road.

  2. My mum had met some friends from Arizona on her honeymoon and they came to London to meet us. This was 12 years ago now and we still see each other every couple of years!

  3. What is your most unique encounter when you traveled? Did you find a friend for life?
    I believe these kinds of friendships are quite special and rare to find! At least, you have one thing in common; Wanderlust!

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