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About Big Dreams And How To Wander

About Big Dreams And How To Wander

Hey Dreamers and Wanderers, you’re probably looking for something if you found your way here. Maybe you’re looking for travel inspiration, location ideas, or deeper insights. “Dream and Wanderland” is not about traveling to fancy dream places. Not even about solo traveling or traveling with a full-time job. At least, not only. These are just a few aspects of what you might find here. But when you find your way to this site, you will also find stories about making big dreams come true. You’ll find insights into finding your way to let your light shine and live life to the fullest. It’s about dreaming, dreaming big, wandering, and making them come true! Therefore, let me tell you a story! A story about big dreams and how to wander!

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You have big dreams but don't n´know how to make them come true? You want to travel but no one wants to join you? Are you staying at home because you don't have a travel buddy? Do you want to change that and conquer the world no matter what? Read More about how to actually wander! #travel #mindset #tranformation #abundant life

About Big Dreams

Once upon a time, there was a girl who went to school.

One day, her geography teacher wanted her and her class to do a project.

Choose one continent and prepare a presentation about this continent, its unique features. Its people, economy, nature, and everything that might be interesting.

The continent this girl chose was Oceania! It was like a turning point for her. As more as she read and saw this area in the world, she wanted to travel to this place. To its blue seas, the thousands of small islands, and still almost untouched nature. Suddenly, she felt a craving for exploring all this by herself and not only through pictures, books, or the early days of the internet.

She knew that she wanted to travel to this part of the world one day, not only there, but the world as a whole.

The girl started to dream about all the places she wanted to go and experience. And the wish to discover all the different countries grew bigger and bigger.

Since this time in school, she has dreamed about traveling the world.

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Shattered Dreams

No Time, No Money

But as long as she went to school, this dream would remain a dream. And later, when she went to university, this dream wasn’t too present anymore. She was busy studying and living an university life. She just hadn’t the time for traveling and, of course, no money either.

A few years passed by, and she got her first job.

She still dreamed about traveling and this one island group in Oceania she wanted to visit at least once in her life. The Islands of Tonga in the South Pacific. And about the country, she wants to visit first. And all the other places in the world she wants to see.

But again, no time, no money (yet, as she had to pay back the loan for the university fees), and even worse, no one who would like to join her on her travels.

More years passed by, and meanwhile, she paid off her debts and even a few savings she had.

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Find out to not only have big dreams but actually start to wander! #travel #dream #mindset #transformation

No Friends?

Finally, she had the time and the money to wander the world.

But as with every good story, there is a turning point. Everything could be fine, the main character could be happy, and we all could have our happy ending. But no, there are obstacles to overcome before the big happy end.

The girl thought she could start traveling the world now. But no one to be seen who wanted or could join her. In her world, the only way of traveling is finding a friend, partner, family member, anyone, and traveling together. Traveling alone was like you don’t have friends, no one likes you, and you’re not part of the community.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know that these thoughts and prejudices about solo travelers were nonsense and that she didn’t need other people to do the things she wanted to do.

Instead, she stayed at home or didn’t take her vacation at all as she didn’t even think about traveling alone. As more declines and excuses she got from her “so-called “friends, even from her boyfriend, she became more frustrated and angry. She asked herself, “when these people are my friends, why does no one of them want to travel with me? “or, “when my boyfriend loves me, why doesn’t he want to go on vacation together with me? “

And the most frightening question was, “Will she ever has the chance to make her big dreams come true, and she will finally wander the world?”

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All Those Uncomfortable Feelings

She felt like no one loved her. No one wants to be with her, and something is wrong with her because all those people went on holiday. Just not with her.

There was frustration about asking her friends over and over again and getting nothing else but a “No.”

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And anger about all the missing opportunities, as she could have already explored so many places. But as no one else wanted to be with her, she couldn’t be there.

The worst thing was the loneliness, the feeling of not being loved, and that no one cared about her. These feelings put her in a very dark place.

It hurt! It hurt badly! That hurt that she thought she wasn’t worth living this life, and actually, no one would care if she wouldn’t be there anymore! Why keep going???

She knew those feelings already! She was at that dark place before. She knew these feelings from every time she moved with her family to a new town. From every time the girl had to change school. She didn’t get an invitation from every party, from whenever someone didn’t attend her birthday celebrations. She knew these feelings very well.

These memories and experiences sat deep, very deep. Every time the girl got another “No “from her people, they came up again.

It took another few years when it finally clicked. Another year, another vacation, another opportunity to travel the world, and another “No.”

But this time, she had enough! Eventually, she didn’t care anymore if someone accompanied her or not. She didn’t think about what the people might say about her if they believed she didn’t have friends or was weird, not anymore.

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Find out to not only have big dreams but actually start to wander! #travel #dream #mindset #transformation

And She Would Wander

Now she was ready to take off to that adventure she had been waiting so long, to spread her wings and explore the world. She finally was ready to turn her dream into reality.

And she booked her ticket to her first solo trip. A dream trip with all the things she wanted to do!

Of course, she was scared. She was scared that anything could go wrong if she could deal with it all herself.

If you have a travel partner, you can share those fears and also take care of such things together.

One more time, all those nasty and uncomfortable feelings came up.

But this time, it was different.

Big Dreams Come True, And She Will Wander

She acknowledged these fears, but at the same time, she knew that she would survive no matter what.

She didn’t depend on anyone anymore. And she knew if she went on this trip and “survived, “she could do anything!

Nothing would ever stop her again from fulfilling her dreams and living the best life she could have.

This trip was the best time in her life, and there would be even more to come!

New feelings came up! Being proud of herself that she could make that whole journey happen. She felt free from all the conventions that held her back for such a long time. And independent from anyone and anything.

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How To Wander Isn’t A Question Anymore.

She learned what she was capable of. She stepped out of her comfort zone, which opened a whole new world to her.

Ever since she found new friends that are still in her life today, she met like-minded people and felt part of something for the first time in her life. Although she traveled alone, she realized that she wasn’t alone. Other people traveled alone as well, and they loved it. She understood immediately why.

Until today, she became more independent, confident, stronger, and fearless with any journey and experiences she made and any obstacles she overcame. Nothing would ever stop her again, and she would “conquer “the world.

She Will Continue To Wander

Her journey isn’t over yet. There are many places to be seen, feelings discovered, and wounds to be healed.

It’s not a question anymore if she would fulfill her dreams, but when she would wander the world again!

She still has bad days, and she still feels this frustration and loneliness sometimes. But today, she knows that these feelings and fears are just stories her mind and body tell her because of old memories. Nowadays, she knows what she can do and what is possible for her.

She found an inner strength that was hidden inside her all the time and got freed with one single decision!

A decision to not only dream about the things you want but start to wander!

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Do you have big dreams but don't n´know how to make them come true? You want to travel but no one wants to join you? Are you staying at home because you don't have a travel buddy? Do you want to change that and conquer the world no matter what? Read More about how to actually wander! #travel #mindset #tranformation #abundant life

Who Is That Girl?

This girl is me! I went through all those fears, new feelings, and adventures myself and know only the sky is the limit!

Do you have similar experiences, feelings, and fears? Do you ever have wondered how you can make your dreams come true? How to have big dreams and wander.

Let us go through it together and change our destiny to a more independent and free life full of adventures. Let us grow and find and nourish our inner strength. Let us love ourselves unconditionally!

Big Dreams And How To Wander!

What about you? Do you have big dreams, too, but don’t know how to wander? Do you want to live a different life? Then come and join Dream and Wanderland and go on this journey together. Sign up right here!

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