Why you shouldn´t quit your job to travel the world #fulltimejobandtravel

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job To Travel The World

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job To Travel The World

… or why being a digital nomad isn’t always the only solution! For having a happy life!

I was sitting on a plane to Marrakech when suddenly I had some enlightenment. In a magazine I bought to read on the flight, I was reading an article where a few solopreneurs and digital nomads spoke about their life, how happy they are today, and how they achieved that status.

The Moment When Your Realize That You Want To Quit Your Job To Travel The World

They all had one thing in common; they were unhappy with their jobs and had a critical moment that they had to change something once in their lives. They quit their jobs and headed in an entirely different direction.

I fully totally understood their situation as I was at that point a few years ago. Unhappy with my job, my life, the lack of a partner, and many other areas in my life, I had that moment, too, when I wanted to quit everything. Quitting my job, my apartment, and starting my long-wished journey around the world; oh yes, I was so ready for this step!

In the end, that was one of the reasons why I started writing!

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Are You Ready To Quit Your Job? Find out why you shouldn´t quit your job to travel the world!

How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World

I looked for anything to do, anything except working in the same old job, and might be a chance to be free one day.

That is why I took part in the 5-Day-VA Challenge* by Digital Nomad Kit* and found out what I wanted to do with my life and how to start a career and job outside of the “corporate” world.

By the way, if you’re looking to become a virtual assistant or start an online business but don’t know yet where to start, that challenge is the best choice to get started!*

Anyway, going through this challenge was quite a journey! Afterward, I realized that being an entrepreneur by myself is maybe not the real thing, at least, for me!  But I still loved blogging. And, of course, I loved traveling. Therefore, I stayed in my job for the time being but tried to get more time to explore the world anyhow!

Because of all my travels and continuing blogging, I realized what makes me unhappy and how I could change it!

5 Day VA challenge by Digital Nomad Kit - Become a VA, start an online business and claim your freedom!! Find out if you're ready to quit your job to travel the world!

When You Realize That Quitting Your Job Is Not THE Solution

It wasn’t my job, at least, not only my job! It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t meet any men who had the potential to be a suitable partner for me. Or that more and more friends disappeared from my daily life(some of them moved away, others didn’t make an effort to maintain a friendship).

I realized that I never wanted to exchange my life with my self-employed friends is still an issue for me. The fact that my salary was good enough to effort the rent for my apartment, to travel almost as much as I wanted, or don’t need to worry about who takes care of my business while I’m on vacation mean more to me than travel around the world non-stop. The security of my job was more important to me than being “free” all the time.

Also, I still love the regularity and consistency of knowing what would happen the next day. The sometimes appearing lack of self-discipline when I would need to kick myself in my butt is still a struggle for me… how could I think that I could manage a solopreneur-life where I would be the only person to whom I have to justify myself???

Don’t get me wrong!…

I’m sure I could do so and run a successful business on my own if I needed to.

But when I thought about it more and more, it became more apparent to me; I didn’t want that.

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Why you shouldn´t quit your job and travel the world right away!

There Is More Than One Way To Travel The World

As more time went by, I reckoned that turning everything upside down and quitting everything wasn’t the only way of getting my happiness back.

Also, traveling the world without having a home base where I could return from time to time and which I call my “mine” isn’t the lifestyle I want or could live forever.

Then I started to think about other opportunities like changing jobs, finding different areas I could work in, becoming a full-time blogger, or starting my own business. But nothing convinced me to be THE solution. It would always be a compromise. For example, a new job in a new company would mean a new challenge and chance, but no one knows if I would like my new colleagues or get the same freedom of taking a vacation as I have in my old job. Who knows! So why should I change the running system? It only needs a few adjustments to suit my needs a bit better!

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Gain More Flexibility Although Having A Job

What I wanted wasn’t a new job but more flexibility with my current one! I didn’t want to sit 8 or 10 hours in an office and never see the daylight or breeze in the fresh air.

So what to do instead?

I talked to my boss instead of quitting my job! I asked for the possibility of working remotely rather than coming to the office every day! And after a long and hard fight, I got it eventually!

I also found that a two-day weekend is not enough anymore to regenerate my energies. That’s why I reduced my working hours! Thanks to German legislation, it’s relatively easy, but the way back to full-time can be a bit more complicated. However, today, I have a 4-day-working week, and I love it! No more Monday blues for me, and I’m happier than ever before. I also am excited again about going to work. Who would’ve imagined that?

How To Travel The World Without Quitting Your Job

Long story short! There isn’t THE only way of getting happy. It’s never black or white; there are also shades of grey in between. You don’t need to quit your job, but you also don’t need to be satisfied with a reduced work schedule. The only thing which matters is to find YOUR way! Find out what makes you happy, and then work to get there.

If it’s living a digital nomad lifestyle, then go ahead and do it! Prepare yourself with everything you need, and then go and quit your job and travel the world!

If you think a few adjustments to your current lifestyle are enough, then don’t wait any longer! Negotiate about your working times, mobile working, or reduced working hours, whatever makes you feel better. If you don’t like your job, look for a new one, ideally, the one you always have dreamt of.

In the end, it’s your life, and you are in charge of making the best life it can be. It’s the only one you have!

And best is that in today’s world, almost everything is possible! With the internet, you can work from everywhere! Travel alternatives make it possible to go around! And we, the generation of today, want to be free to get everything! At no time, the opportunities were so various! Why shouldn’t we use them? And if we fail? We stand up, adjust our crown, and keep moving!

Final Questions Before You Stay Or Quit Your Job And Travel The World

So before you quit your job, I’d like you to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How is your relationship with your co-workers?
  2. Do you need socializing at work, or do you prefer to stay alone while working?
  3. How is your income?
  4. What are your career opportunities?
  5. Do you think what you’re doing is valuable?
  6. What do you wish for a new job or career?
  7. What do you want to have more; FREEDOM or SECURITY?

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Fight for what you want! No matter if finding a new career or stay where you are! What matters is that you find out what you want and fight for it!

What do you think? Can you relate? Do you want to be free and accept the risks of irregular income at least initially? Or do you prefer the security of having a regular income and trying to make some space for traveling?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job To Travel The World”

  1. It seems not a good way to quit and go to the world to me. It has to think about many things to do. Your article makes me a good way. Thanks for the good article.

  2. It’s so hard to find balance between work and life. I completely agree that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. We tell our kids that there are so many ways to make money, don’t sit in a job that you hate day after day. However, not everyday will be roses. It’s finding the balance and what works for you.

  3. This is really an eye-opener since we always have the opinion that it’s really awesome to just ditch our job and travel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and it’s not easy as one thinks.

  4. I’ve been there before, wanting to leave my job. I did change for more flexibility and did contract work. It helped tremendously for a few years, but then I eventually left to start a new adventure. Like you said, finding what works for you as an individual is best. I don’t want a stressful life, so leaving was best for me. Peace over money.

    1. That´s a good approach, I guess, finding what really makes you happy is best! For me at this stage in my life, it´s staying in the job with a reduced work schedule. Best of both worlds… But who knows, maybe one day I have enough of it and leave for good 😉

  5. Oh man. This was hard to swallow. BUT I WANT TO QUIT MY JOB AND TRAVEL! haha

    It would be a dream come true, but alas, You’re totally right, it would be financially irresponsible. 😀

    1. Oh yes, that´s indeed a tough question and people mainly have one opinion; yes, or no! I say, as always, it depends! It depends on what YOU really want! If you want to be a fulltime traveler, then go for it! If not, then not! But if whatever it is, if you really want it, you´ll find a way to do it anyway!

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