New things happens every day…

Hey, folks, my blog is up and running, already posted a couple of articles and it is still fun. Well, not bad, so far…

A new location

So what else has happened in the last couple of weeks? In my very first post, I told you, that I will be moving soon to a new, bigger and more beautiful apartment. And guess what, it´s almost time… from next month on I will officially have moved. I have already looked for new furniture and ordered some and in my head, it will look amazing. I´m still looking for a nice sofa but I believe that I´ll find one in time. I just hope that everything will go smoothly as I still don´t have any keys and I need to change a lot before I move in. Hope it will be enough time for the contractors. I will post some pics of the interior as soon as it is finished.

Spring break in Florida and Wrestlemania 33

My next vacation will come soon as well. In about a month I will be heading to Florida, the USA for Wrestlemania 33. This will be my third time there. I will take a slightly different route but once again a visit to Disneyworld and Key West is a definite. I´m so excited about going back there. I still need to cover a couple of things, which I didn´t have enough time for the last time I visited that area. I plan to publish my first travel post soon as a sort of recap first, then post my new experiences as soon as I am on the road again…

Summer trip to Ireland

In summer I will be back visiting Ireland again, my favorite European country. I love the place, I love Dublin and wanna see the rest of this stunning country. A very good friend of mine lived in Ireland for a while and now she wants to celebrate her hen night there. I feel so happy for her… And I´m happy for myself that I now have a very good reason to go back sooner rather than later and will have the opportunity to tour around the country starting off and ending up in Dublin for a nice night out on town…

5 days VA challenge

and last but not least… I started a five days challenge to become a virtual assistant. I am keen to find out is this is really something for me. Maybe this could be a good way to fund my travels 🙂


As you can see, there is a lot of things going on right now. I hope to tell you more, soon. Meanwhile, stay safe and stay excited!

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