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Florida – Roadtrip, Beaches & Wrestlemania

Florida – Roadtrip, Beaches, and Wrestlemania

Here we go again! Back on the road and off into the sun of Florida.

Today is the day when the journey and vacation begin. We have waited a long time for that. We pack our stuff, go to the airport, and board the plane, which brings us joy, sun, and beaches.

I meet up with my friend Alex at the airport; we will drop off our luggage and go straight through security and passport control. We end up at Starbucks and enjoy our first vacation coffee while waiting for boarding.

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It is my third round in Florida*, and soon, I will have seen almost everything of this state. I don´t need to say that this is beautiful, with its beaches, overseas highways, and seafood. Of course, we will go to places I haven´t been before like Clearwater, St. Petersberg and, you won´t believe it… But also the Everglades I didn´t see the last time. So this will be a stop of our route to the south, to Key West.

First things first, our first destination for today will be Miami. But no, we won´t stay here, not yet. We will land here, pick up our rental car, and head to Orlando immediately.

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Orlando, Florida & Wrestlemania 33 – The show of the shows

In Orlando, we will stay for about a week. Not only for Walt Disney World* or the Universal Studios. Or even for Seaworld. But especially for the week of the weeks, the main event of the year, the grandest show of them all; WRESTLEMANIA 33!!!!

Yes, you´re reading correctly! Both of us are such huge Wrestling fans, and this is the show we couldn´t wait for the whole past year.

One week full of Wrestling and other crazy Wrestling fans. I´m sure that we will have a blast! But more about our first day and in particular, Wrestlemania in my next post. I´ll keep you in the loop…

Crowd and Camera guy at Wrestlemania 32
Crowd and Camera guy at Wrestlemania 32

Of course, if you like to know anything special about Florida or Wrestling. Or if you have any crazy hobbies feel free to leave me a message under this post.

Stay safe and happy!!!

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