Day 22: Last Day In Havana, Cuba #Cuba #havana #thingstodo #travel #solo #inspiration

Day 22 – Last Day In Havana

Day 22:

The past few days were crazy. Since I have arrived here in Cuba, it feels like an entirely different world. The people, the city, the Internet and GPS situation.

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I have one more day here in Havana! Today I will try to continue my mission to find out how to survive the next upcoming days. The easiest way would be to stay here for the rest of the time, skip my car and my road trip and I will be on the save side. But I will miss out a lot of adventure and a lot of beautiful places.

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Because of that, I went back to the Hotel Plaza to sit down and get some internet access. I had my laptop with me this time to make it easier. First, I published a few more pieces of my travel diary and looked for some places where to go and to stay, until the battery was empty. For some reasons, I did not take the charger with me. Sometimes I have to shook my head about myself.

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However, I had a better idea of what I wanted to do next. The rest of the day I strolled through the streets of old Havana again. I had one more El Sancho, which became my favorite Cocktail here. A bit lemon juice, rum, and sugar cane that is it, for only 1,50 CUC. Delicious!

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I sat down in a little square and started talking to Manolo, a Cuban teacher. After our little chat, I met the Cuban guy from the day before yesterday again. We spent the rest of the afternoon together, trying to talk to each other, which is not that easy with him not speaking English and me not speaking Spanish. At least, we had one more dance session. In the evening I had to leave, and he said it would break his heart. I feel a bit sorry for him! But I think he will survive and find another girl who he can dance with.

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A short day of saying goodbye to Havana. I went to bed very early today, excited about my next adventures.

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Day 22: Last Day In Havana #Cuba #havana #thingstodo #travel #solo #inspiration

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