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Lisbon: My Digital Nomad Soon To Be Life

Be careful… this is not one of my regular articles about the places where I have been. This is about my thoughts, my hidden inner self which I would love to share with you at this time. I am going to share my feelings and desires with you to be a Digital Nomad (or not?).

If you do not know already, let me tell you a personal fact about me. I am not a full-time traveler yet. But I am working hard on that dream to be at least locally independent. My goal is to have the freedom to choose when I want to travel, where I want to go, how long I will stay and where to go next. At the moment I always need to ask my boss for permission for a few days off and have to negotiate with my coworkers when they want to have some holiday. Although, my vacation times are not the worsts and my boss is really nice and allows a lot of my wishes. However, I still need to ask him… From a life as a Digital Nomad, I am still far away.

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Digital Nomad Conference Lisbon 2017

One step closer to freedom and to my life as a Digital Nomad… This past weekend, I visited the DNX in Lisbon, Portugal. The DNX is one of the biggest conferences for Digital Nomads in the world. 500 hundred people from 44 countries and all of them share the desire to be free. “I choose freedom” was the theme of this event and I do so. I choose freedom and start right now!

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My DNX Experience

The whole event has blown my mind. Not only the speakers and workshop leaders also all the other Digital Nomads were so inspiring and encouraging. To listen to all these different stories and stages where they are in their lives. To think about traveling the whole time and doing what I want and where to go is so moving. I barely can sit down calm and silent. Even harder to concentrate on my full-time job every day, sitting down and waiting for the time goes by so that I can go back home and back to my “second” life. This is truly a challenge.

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Even two days after the conference ended, I feel so inspired, motivated, full of energy, and also a bit overwhelmed. So many ideas spin around in my head and I am not able to write them down all at once. Every time when something pops up in my mind I try to capture everywhere I can. My notebook, my smartphone, I even write myself emails sometimes. All because I do not want to lose any of these thoughts. I am so thrilled to figure out in what I will turn them in.

Thoughts About My Life As A Digital Nomad

Over the weekend, a lot of people talked about their “life-changing-moment” and it was amazing to listen to these stories. This conference was one for me. Suddenly, I had that feeling that I am on the right way. That what I do right now is the one thing I want to do in my life. I want to write, I want to travel and I do not want to (get) stop(ped).

On the other side, I have to admit that I am not a hundred percent sure if I really want to be Digital Nomad all the time. At least I want to have this freedom to decide by myself if I want to travel, when I want to travel and what I want to do. And this is the goal I want to accomplish, rather sooner than later 😉 I want to be independent of any 9-5 jobs. I want to do what my passion is and this is traveling and to write about it. So this is what I am going to do. I will travel, I will write, I will live my life under MY conditions. The day will come when I will be at this point, for sure.

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A few days after the DNX in Lisbon 2017 I sit down here in my apartment and am more motivated than ever. I took with me so many information and impressions. I could literally explode because of all the ideas going through my mind at the moment. Now, the time has come to figure out which of these ideas fit and feel best. It is so exciting to guess what will come next. I do not know where this journey will end but what I know is that I choose freedom and nothing will stop me. Do you feel the same? What are your dreams you want to achieve? Are they similar to mine or totally different? Tell me about them, I am looking forward to listening or reading more inspiring stories.

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Impressions From Lisbon

Just in case that you are still with me and waiting for a little report about Lisbon itself, please, do not be too disappointed. Unfortunately, I had not enough time to explore the city properly to give you detailed insights. Anyway, at least for a first glimpse, I have a few pictures which are following now. As soon as I get back to Lisbon and definitely will be back one day, of course, I will tell you more about this great and beautiful city.

Digital Nomad Digital Nomad Digital Nomad Digital Nomad Digital Nomad Digital Nomad Digital Nomad Digital Nomad

Thank you for reading through this article and paying attention to my thoughts. At the moment, I feel that everything is possible and the only one who can stop us are ourselves.

Thus, I choose freedom and you?

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48 thoughts on “Lisbon: My Digital Nomad Soon To Be Life”

  1. Ah that’s so exciting! As a digital nomad, I find that sometimes my motivation/ enthusiasm dwindles but an event like DNX always makes me excited again. You got this girl! 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, I think this is normal. Even as a not yet digital nomad, I struggle with motivation from time to time. That´s ok! 😉 So, you live as a digital nomad already?

  2. This is so inspiring. I would love to have the freedom to travel whenever I want. The expo looks really good too, will try to attend the next one hopefully.

    1. Amanda, thank you for stopping by! I just can recommend to attend one of these events, especially, when you really want to live location independently. It´s seldom to get these concentrate power and inspiration of such an amount of digital nomads and online entrepreneurs at one place.

  3. I choose freedom as well! What a great read! Very inspirational, change is good! Can’t let fear stop you from chasing your dreams and being free

  4. Sounds like an inspiring weekend you had! I would love to be a digital nomad myself but unsure where even to begin! Good luck with your aspirations, I know you will achieve them x

    1. Jem, I had the same problem not so much time ago. I just started somewhere and now I´m on the best way to become independent from any location. Just do something that you´re passionate about and the rest will follow.

  5. what an inspiring read! I too am in a predicament I don’t want to be tied down to my 9-5, but I have not yet found my solution. I still have a bit more planning to do, but good luck with becoming a Nomad!

    1. Thank you, Courtney! I´m sure you will find your way, too! Find a way to work remotely is nothing for you?

  6. It seems like I really need to find and attend one of these programs. Sounds like it was really quite inspirational and got you a lot of good ideas, or at least ignited.

    1. Hi, I can highly recommend visiting one of these events. At least one time. You won´t regret it. YOu can learn a lot, get inspired and you can connect with people who share your desires.

  7. Great write up! I will definitely have to keep this in mind for my travels next year. Recently moved to Rome as a freelancer, so just a short flight away. How did you like Lisbon overall? Hoping to plan a trip this winter over the weekend, I’ve heard it is fabulous.

    1. Hi Lexi, so far I loved it. What I´ve seen from Lisbon was awesome. Beautiful city and I definitely want to go back.

  8. Great post and love the path you are discovering for yourself. Travel, work, life — it is a balance. What one discovers when you are at the age we (my wife and I are) with many years of experience is you must choose always the path that brings you inspiration and challenge and blessing. We have been fortunate in that our work and our life have allowed us, with a few momentary diversions of our own choosing, to travel and work and find adventure in many ways and many different countries. I get the sense you are well on your way to finding what your life motivation needs. Travel well and we will enjoy watching your journey.

    1. Thank you, Michael, for your lovely thoughts! It really encourages and motivates me to continue on this path and follow my dream and goal.

  9. Love your post ! Thanks for the good spirit ! Build a life of unlimited travel with the freedom to work from anywhere is my little dream… But for now, I’m only a fixed full time worker and part time traveller. I make the most of my 5 weeks’ annual leave travelling around the world. Becoming a full time blogger is a hard exercice but it would be such an amazing experience 😉

    1. Hey C-Ludik, I know what you mean! At the moment I also struggle with my more or less 30 days off per year. That´s why I decided to try it. It is a lot of work and almost takes all my private time. But I know why I´m doing this and I´m sure I can make it. Maybe not now but one day the time will come that I can quit my job without any hesitation and start my unlimited journey around the world. I´m thinking about if three years could be a good timeframe to achieve this goal!? 😉

  10. I feel exactly the same. I do not want to be stuck in a 9-5 and travel as I please without asking permission from anyone. However, I do not think it would be possible in my case … atleast now. But maybe, in the future.
    How long did you stay in Lisbon for? Its such a lovely city. We were there for about 4 days and managed to do a couple of side trips too.

    1. Hi Delaine, I feel you. I want to break out of this 9-5 machinery and I work hard on that goal. I spent two and a half day only in Lisbon. Too short to get to know the city better but good enough to know that I want to go back. Where else did you go while staying in Lisbon?

  11. I’d love to be free and to be able to decide when and where I want to travel! 🙂
    This sounds so interesting, I would’ve loved to hear all those different stories! Lisbon is on my travel bucket lust, it must be a beautiful city.
    I hope you have a nice day,

    1. Hi Liv, Lisbon is definitely a beautiful city. Although I haven´t seen that much during that weekend I really enjoyed it and it´s on my list of places where I want to go back one day.

  12. If I weren’t married with children, I would do the same. It took me a long time to admit that I’m different. I hate being micromanaged, people over my shoulder, and having to scream for permission to get anything. Go for it, life is too short to be tied to one thing.

    1. Bonnie, thank you for encouraging me 🙂 Have you thought about taking your husband and your kids and do it? I met a family, six children two grown-ups and they travel for six years now. The Sundance Family. They have a youtube channel, too. Maybe you could find more inspiration how to travel with a family there. If I learned one thing at that weekend everything is possible! 😉

  13. Yeah, I feel the same too 🙂 My dream is to travel the world, and I have been on the road for two years and two months now and it is still a long way to go. I am financially drained and struggling to make money while moving from place to place. There is also a lot going on in my head like an explosion is about to occur within haha. I love your post, it inspires me and brings me back to focus.

    1. Hi Al Kadam, I´m happy to hear that I could inspire you. Over two years of traveling is so awesome. It´s one of my goals to travel as long as I want to. I wish you all the best and a lot of fun while traveling the world. Stay safe!

      1. You too and keep your eyes on the road. lot’s of obstacles and intersections on the way. I will check your site often for new posts. God Bless.

  14. I can relate so well. I aspire to be digital nomad myself. Even I am on the verge of becoming a full time blogger. Your blog post will help me be motivated and stay at what I do best. Travel and Write 🙂

    1. Thank you, Joy, for stopping by! I appreciate your comment and I am happy that I could help out with some motivation. I believe as long as it makes you happy you should stay with it. Becoming a full-time blogger is a hard exercise but if you really love it then go ahead. Travel, Eat Write, Repeat! 😉

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