Follow the joy or how to live your best life! #mindset #dream #empowerment #selflove #selfcare #joy

How To Live Your Best Life

How To Live Your Best Life

Dream and Wanderland” is all about dreaming, dreaming big, and making your dreams come true. It´s the way it started, and although I might have lost track in between, I´m now right back! I started this blog initially, intending to share my little and big dreams with the world. And show that it´s possible to make those dreams come true. And eventually, to inspire other people, especially women like me, to take action and turn their dreams into reality. Now I´m back to this very intention. I try to live like that, making my dreams come true and enjoying my life to the fullest.  Below, I will explain more about what having a dream means to me and why it´s essential to make them real to live and enjoy your best life. 

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How to live your best life. From Dreaming and Wandering! #mindset #dream #empowerment #selflove #selfcare #joy

What Does Having A Dream Means To Me?

A dream for me means both having big and small ones.

Big Dreams

For example, big dreams for me are living in a house at the sea one day or building a successful business that fulfills me and is aligned with all that I desire. It means living on my terms one day and being independent of other people’s permission, like confirming my following holidays with my boss, exchanging money against time, and waiting for my salary from my corporate job each month.

You might have similar ones or different from mine! But we all have them.

Those dreams take time. Some people reach them sooner; others need some time. 

Dreams work like a beacon. They lead me the way and show me which direction I need to go.  Unfortunately, I have to work out the “How” by myself! But that´s the fun part, too. The journey. How boring life probably would be if you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams right away!

Follow the joy! Or how to live your life to the fullest! #mindset #dream #empowerment #selflove #selfcare #joy Share on X
Small Dreams

But dreams to me also mean the small ones. You can also call them the daily ones, the small things that happen now! Something that I want to do or have in the next few weeks, today, or right now. Like visiting the new café in my neighborhood or visiting a friend. Or want to watch this specific movie in the cinema. Or maybe just sitting on my balcony and doing nothing the entire day except getting a bit tanned by the sun 😉

It means a dream can be „a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal“ or simply a wish that wants to be fulfilled. No matter if it´s long-term or right now.


Why Is Having Dreams Important For Living Your Best Life?

There are two crucial aspects of having dreams.

1. Having only one category of dreams might not lead to a fulfilled and abundant life.

Having a big dream only that you have for your future might give you direction. But it might let you forget about living your life today. The danger is that you start to believe that you can only be happy if you reach that longtime goal, a.k.a. dream. And forget about living your life today and feeling joy and happiness today.

On the other hand, having the now-dreams without the big picture for your life will give you joy right now. But, in the end, you might feel that you don´t know where to go or what you want to do with your life.

2. Having dreams without action will not lead to a fulfilled and abundant life, either.

So having dreams, the big and the small ones, means nothing when you are not taking action.

Dreaming means following the joy. And turning these dreams or wishes into reality means feeling this joy.

I always say, „Dream, dream big, but don´t forget to wander, “Only when you take the first step and start to wander will you make those dreams happen.

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How to live your best life. From Dreaming and Wandering! #mindset #dream #empowerment #selflove #selfcare #joy

Making Your Dreams Come True Means More!

Also, following your dreams means joy, self-love, and also self-care!

Making Your Dreams Come True Is Self-Love

Even if it means stopping you from forcing yourself to write this blog post that you have planned to write instead of reading what is sitting on your nightstand you are excited about.

To make your dreams come true means so much more than doing what you want. It means that you love yourself so much that you take your dreams, wishes, and desires seriously. You love yourself so much that you want to feel good and happy and take care of yourself.

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Making Your Dreams Come True Is Self-Care

Self-care is not only having a spa day with a hot tub, foam bubbles, and candles lit up. Or meditating three hours a day or doing that yoga session. It can be, for sure! I, for instance, love to have a hot bath with candles and a book to read on a cold winter day. But self-care doesn´t end there.

It also means making sure that your dreams come true one day. It means you start to wander and take action towards them—one step at a time.

Why We Not Taking Action?

But we often let other people define what we should want or not. We let them decide if we are visiting this new café or going on holiday or not. Or we are too afraid of doing things alone.

Often their decisions or our fears influence our actions. Think about it. If you ask your best friend to visit this new café and the only thing you get is a „sorry, but I have other plans, “how often will you go to this café anyways?

Or if you ask your boss for some days off from work, how often do you find yourself accepting his/hers decision and going to work although your private plans are messed up by it?

Of course, we cannot always be as radical as risking our jobs by ignoring our boss’s decision. But we could start with the small things.

Dreams work like a beacon. They lead me the way and show me which direction I need to go. #mindset #dream #empowerment #selflove #selfcare #joy Share on X

If you desire to check out this café and spend the following Sunday afternoon there, why you´re not going there? What is it that stops you from doing it? What is holding you back? What are you afraid of?

Do you want to miss out on a joyful afternoon with delicious food and exotic drinks because none of your friends had the time to join you?

Do you want never to have your dream holidays because your boss said „No“ this time?

Do you want to stop enjoying your life because you are too afraid of doing things alone? 

How To Fulfill Your Dreams Anyway?

Fulfilling your dreams doesn´t mean that you have to quit your job to be free to travel everywhere you want to. Or break up with your best friend because she doesn´t always have the same plans as you have. It means finding alternative ways to do those things! You´ll find a way if you truly desire! And finding a way, an opportunity is the first step to wandering and making your dreams come true!

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The Joy Starts Now! How to live your best life. From Dreaming and Wandering! #mindset #dream #empowerment #selflove #selfcare #joy

Live Your Best Life!

If you want something, there will always be a way! The secret is to take those chances! And suddenly you live your best life! Be a dreamer! But more importantly, be a wanderer!

It`s your time, and your joy starts now!

Let’s start with a tiny thing. Subscribe to the next round of the “Dream and Wander”-Challenge and start to wander! It’s the perfect opportunity to live your life to the fullest by doing one step after another!

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  1. These are all good tips and also very important. I will focus more on self care now. Thank you for sharing this inspiring article!

  2. Posts like this are so informative and necessary! Sometimes, we need to take a breather and ask ourselves if we are living life to the max or not?

    1. Hi Eileen, thanks for stopping by! I´m so glad that you liked the article and find something inspiring for you! If you need help with reminding yourself to take care of yourself feel free to reach out to me at any time.

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