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From Dream To Wander Challenge
Turn your DREAMS into reality and start to WANDER

Do you know this situation?

🔸 You are dreaming about traveling the world...


🔸 But nobody wants to join you...


🔸 You get one excuse after another from your friends, family, or even partner...


🔸 You feel frustrated, angry, disappointed, and even lonely...


🔸 But your desire to travel gets stronger and stronger...


🔸 Maybe you're scared of traveling alone, or think that it's weird...


🔸 Or have the feeling that everyone else suddenly knows that you are ALONE...


     ... then the DREAM to WANDER - Challenge is the RIGHT thing for you!

Why you should take on the challenge?

I believe that everyone should be able to live an independent, confident, and happy life!


Too often we let us influence by others. Let other people hold us back because we think that we have to fulfill any expectations of what they think is right.


This challenge gives you the chance to look behind feelings like frustration, anger, or loneliness and find out why you don't live on your terms yet. And what stops you from turning your travel dreams into reality.


Therefore, dream big, start to wander, and eventually TRAVEL the WORLD as YOU want!



Are you ready for a change and start to travel?

Want to get out of your comfort zone?

What to expect?



✈️ In one week you will leave your comfort zones step by step! Every day a bit farther!


✈️ You'll be challenged to look at what holds you back starting to travel!


✈️ I will help you finding ways to not being afraid of doing things alone!


✈️ I will support you to be prepared for your first solo adventures!


✈️ You will have some solo adventures each day!


✈️ Finally, you will be ready to wander the world! No matter if with company or ALONE!


Sign up...

... and take the Dream and Wander Challenge!


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How is the course of action during the challenge?

What are the requirements for this challenge?

Basically, you just need access to a laptop, pc, a smartphone, and the internet.


Also it's always good to have an adventurous and curious mind.

How is this delivered?

You will receive daily e-mails with a daily challenge to get used to doing things alone.


Also, you will have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can post your experiences and exchange with other like-minded women.


You can ask questions and you will find tipps and tricks, and get support from me along the way.

How much time will it take?

The challenge is designed to have no set times as we attract a global audience and many busy people with jobs, businesses, or other duties.


I recommend putting aside at least one or two hours per day (in your own time) for this challenge – the more time you can give it the better though – as with anything!

Who is the face behind Dream and Wanderland?

I'm Pia Becker, the face behind Dream and Wanderland, and the Dream to Wander Challenge.


I'm a travel addict, solo traveller, travel blogger, and now "make your dreams come true"-challenger.


I was dreaming about exploring the world since geography classes in school. A long time, I was was stuck in the same situation as you. Couldn't find anyone who would travel with, I didn't even consider to travel alone, as it was seen as weird and you don't do things alone, otherwise there is anything wrong with you.


In 2014, I stopped waiting until someone else has the time, the money, or same ideas.


From being a frustrated, disappointed, angry, and lonely feeling girl, I turned into a confident, "I can do everything"-knowing, happy, and grown-up woman, who loves to enjoy life to the fullest.


You can usually find me dreaming or researching my next travel destination.

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