Life is a canvas waiting for the colors of your dreams. 🌟 Embrace self-belief, rediscover childhood dreams, and unlock your path from 'okay' to extraordinary. 🚀 #DreamLife #SelfBelief #Journey

Embarking On A Journey: From “OK” To Embracing My Dream Life

Embarking On A Journey: From “OK” To Embracing My Dream Life

– A Tale of Rediscovery, Belief, and Unstoppable Transformation

Life is a journey full of twists and turns, often leading us down paths we never expected. It’s easy to settle into comfort, accepting the “okay” as our reality. But what if, deep within, our hearts hold dreams that long to be realized? This is a story of my journey—from the mundane “okay” to the extraordinary embrace of my dream life.

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Embarking On A Journey: From "OK" To Embracing My Dream Life #personalgrowth #mindset #dreamlife #personaldevelopment

My Journey From An “OK” Life To Heading Toward My Dream Life

It didn’t happen overnight. It took years to shift from a life that felt “just right” to one that truly resonates with my dreams. From the realization that my current life isn’t mine anymore to what I genuinely want to do and how I want to live.

The journey was marked by the gradual realization that my current path was no longer aligned with what I truly desired. And from that point onwards, with every single decision and each step, I moved closer to embracing the life I envisioned.

Throughout this process, transformation wasn’t the only ingredient; belief played a crucial role. I had to believe in my capacity to turn aspirations into reality. This belief ignited a fire within, propelling me forward on a path toward my dream life.


While I haven’t yet reached the exact destination I envision, the most significant triumph lies in my chosen direction. Every stride taken is a step towards the dream, a testament to the courage to chase a life that speaks to my soul.

Whether I ultimately achieve my dream life becomes secondary in the grand scheme. What is most important is knowing that I’m on the right path – directed by passion and purpose.

Pursuing a dream infuses life with meaning that surpasses the mundane “okay” existence. And so I feel the same. Life suddenly makes sense again.

So, as I journey toward the life of my dreams, I’m reminded that following my dreams as such is a remarkable achievement. It’s a declaration that I refuse to settle for mediocrity when greatness is within reach. It’s a testament to the belief that dreams, no matter how crazy, wild, or unrealistic they may feel, can fuel a truly extraordinary existence.

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The Realization That My Life is “Okay”

Step one was realizing that my life was as okay as it is now. It’s just right! I have an excellent job with a good salary! I live in an apartment with all the features I’d been dreaming about for a long time, and I can travel the world! So many places I’ve seen already. I mean, what more could one ask for?

BUT… there is a BUT!

Although everything looked okay from the outside, a whisper of discontent echoed.

In this moment of Acknowledgment, I embarked on the most transformative journey of my life.

Acknowledgment Of Being Meant For More

Although my life looks quite good, and there are not many things to complain about, I somehow felt like it isn’t exactly what I’ve always dreamt it would be like.

That was when I slowly slid into phase two… the Acknowledgment! That I’m meant for more!

Life is a canvas waiting for the colors of your dreams. 🌟 Embrace self-belief, rediscover childhood dreams, and unlock your path from 'okay' to extraordinary. 🚀 #DreamLife #SelfBelief #Journey Share on X
The Recalling My Childhood Dreams

A walk down memory lane led me to the toys of my childhood. Little did I know that these playful days held the keys to my deepest desires.

But let me start at the beginning!

Envisioning My Dream Home

As a child, I did two things most of the time. I played with Lego-like-toy bricks (GDR kid here, and we haven’t had Lego but something similar – I still miss these toy bricks!), building all my visions of different dream homes.

So, I believe I always wanted to be able to live in different styles of homes, ideally at the same time!

Later in life, in my mid-thirties, one of my visions for my life was precisely that. A property imperium with different homes in different locations where I can hop between them and be at home whenever I want without looking around for places to stay or loads of research.

And today, one step to make that dream real is done! I bought my first apartment in a lovely Bulgarian mountain area in a tiny town called Semkovo.

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 Unlocking Your Dream Life: A Journey from 'Okay' to Extraordinary #personalgrowth #mindset #dreamlife #personaldevelopment

Traveling The World

The second thing I always played around with was my Petra, her little sister Peggy, and her boyfriend Fred (the GDR version of Barbie and her family – I loved them, and one could even speak!).

What they did all the time was traveling around the world and from one remote island to another, mainly with a boat. I’m not sure if I necessarily need to travel by boat or do some sailing trips as I’m getting seasick very quickly, but the traveling as such… Hell yeah! That’s me!

I travel the world actively, which means doing MY thing as I want!

I decided in 2014 to finally travel the world as I always dreamt about it without waiting for anyone else anymore, as I did all the years before. As well as Petra did back in my childhood days! Just hop onto the boat and go for it! And those who want to join (Fred, Peggy, their friends…) can do so!

Well, that dream is still in progress. However, I visited many lovely places and countries I never expected to see, especially not alone.

But I can do so! That’s probably the most significant learning of my life so far! If I want something, I can make it happen!

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Losing Track On My Dream Life

It seems that without recognizing it, I already envisioned my dream life at a very early stage!

But due to all the conditioning happening during school, university, and early work life, I lost track, and it took quite some time to discover and reconnect to those dreams!

When I talked to other people about what I wanted in life, I often got replies like: “Oh dear, that is very unlikely to happen,” “You’re crazy,” and “You need to learn something serious that provides you the most necessary things for a living,” “Bla bla bla.”

No one took those dreams seriously or thought they were possible, and I started to believe that such a life is just a dream and stays a dream.

Instead, the general idea was getting a good education, to be able to go to university, necessary to get an excellent job to make a good living.

No one said, “Yeah, that sounds like a life goal, a vision! Do you have a plan? Let’s make it happen! I’ll support you!”

Unfortunately! It’s mainly because they haven’t had the experience that someone believed in them and that it’s okay to believe those dreams can come true! So, most of them didn’t know it better! But isn’t that sad? Entire generations believes that what they want is not available to them!

What I learned!

A coaching program a couple of years ago acted as a realization catalyst, a compass, guiding me toward my aspirations with newfound clarity. I reconnected to my childhood dreams of a property empire spanning different locations, traveling the world and through life, and exploring uncharted territories.

Learnings In A Nutshell:

1. Childhood Whispers Matter: Our childhood dreams are more than just fantasies; they are reflections of our authentic selves. Reconnecting with these dreams ignites the flame of purpose within us.

2. Belief is the Catalyst: Turning our dreams into reality becomes possible once we believe in them. The journey begins with embracing the possibility of achieving the seemingly impossible.

3. Breaking Free from Conditioning: Society’s norms and expectations often stifle our dreams. Learning to break free from these constraints is liberating and empowering.

4. Defying Doubt: The lack of external support shouldn’t hinder our pursuit. Our self-belief can overcome doubts, enabling us to chase dreams others deem unattainable.

5. Growth Amidst Challenges: The journey is not always smooth, but challenges are growth opportunities. Every obstacle is a chance to prove our determination.

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Unlocking Your Dream Life: A Journey from 'Okay' to Extraordinary #personalgrowth #mindset #dreamlife #personaldevelopment

Embracing the Journey

Today, my journey continues. I’ve taken the first step by purchasing my dream apartment in a serene Bulgarian mountain town. As I gaze at the horizon, I’m reminded that dreams, when nurtured, turn into reality. The world waits to be explored, and I’m ready to sail across its vast oceans, just as my childhood toy characters did.

Life’s journey is a canvas waiting for the strokes of our dreams to paint it with vibrant hues. My journey from “okay” to pursuing my dream life reminds me that life’s purpose is to chase aspirations and live authentically. Let us all be inspired to listen to the whispers of our hearts, break free from limitations, and embrace the journey that leads us to our dream lives—a journey where every step is a brushstroke of courage, belief, and transformation.

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