Dream and Wanderland goes live…

Hey there! In my first post, I mentioned that I have a couple of new projects in my mind for 2017. Now it´s time to start one of them officially… to go live with my very own blog.

Actually, I have no clue how to run such a thing and what to write about. Should it be a kind of travel blog or just an opportunity to show you a little bit about my day to day life and interests? Maybe, a bit of everything is an excellent way to start. As I am not a full-time traveler there are, of course, a lot of things happen in my life as such being at home or strolling around my hometown or being out with friends… However, I hope that you like it… But please be patient with me, I´m still a beginner. My page and my skills will get better in time!

For the time being, I will use this blog as a link on my facebook and my Instagram profiles. On the one side, you could see the “private me,” the typical Facebook stuff like pics of my food, holidays, going out, having fun, etc. My Instagram is more focused on a travel pic side where I try to publish brilliant shots, views, countryside, city sights, etc. Feel free to tell me which you like most. I very much hope you will enjoy all of it!

Step one is complete: Set up the page (so far a very basic one) and go live. The next step will be to publish more content, get my first followers and readers. Ha…! I´m so excited where this will go!


Well, my blog is up and running, I hope you will enjoy!!

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