Travel to Japan and visit one of Japan´s most underrated cities! Escape from the busy and bustling tourist hot-spots by visiting Osake, Takayama or Nikko!

Most Underrated Cities In Japan

Most Underrated Cities In Japan

Not only since my favorite Anime Series, “Mila Superstar,” but also since I’ve been working for a Japanese company, I’m looking forward to visiting Japan. Besides the prominent central bustling tourist hot spots, I’m also looking to escape them by traveling to the most underrated cities in Japan!

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Travel to Japan and visit one of Japan´s most underrated cities! Escape from the busy and bustling tourist hot-spots by visiting Osake, Takayama or Nikko!

Japan’s Most Underrated Cities

Here are some of the top recommendations for some of Japan’s other hidden gems in Japan’s most underrated cities!


It is nestled next to the tranquil Lake Chuzenji. The town of Nikko is a popular summer escape for Japanese diplomats and dignitaries looking to escape the Tokyo heat. Small and quaint, Nikko boasts charm, with even the British Embassy Villa serving afternoon tea for visitors.

Surrounded by nature, including some picturesque waterfalls, you can hop on a boat tour that loops around the lake. On your trip, you’ll pass the jaw-dropping Ryuzu Falls and Kegon Falls, which are a must-see for nature lovers.


When sunset arrives, you should visit Shinkyo Bridge. It’s the perfect spot for capturing some special memories at dusk. Leave yourself some time on the way there. Look at ornate carvings all over the place when you visit the historical and almost baroque Toshogu Shrine. 

If you’re staying in Tokyo, you can take the Tobu Railway line to this quaint and historic town. Although the ride takes a few hours (but with free wifi available onboard), it’s certainly worth it, especially if you’re looking to escape the bustling city vibe.

Nikko, one of Japan's most underrated cities! #travel #asia #wheretogo


Take a step back in time when you visit the historic Takayama. Narrow streets and wooden period shops and merchants. It certainly feels a million miles away from the other bustling mainstream cities.

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Hidden in the Japanese Alps – in the Hida region – it seems frozen in time, with a traditional Hida Folk Village drawing in lots of tourists each year. For history lovers, there are also plenty of museums for you to sink your teeth into, such as the Matsuri no Mori.

If you spend the night here, be sure to stay in a classic ryokan and trial sleeping on a traditional Japanese futon. Instead of dining out, make use of the local organic food markets. There you can grab plenty of fresh fruit and sample local snacks. Also, enjoy a beverage at one of Takayama’s small sake breweries or traditional cafes. Throughout, you can find and explore individual art galleries and independent shops.

Takayama, one of Japan's most underrated cities! #travel #asia #wheretogo


Known as ‘Japan’s kitchen,’ Osaka is often a slightly grittier version of Tokyo. A fair two-and-a-half-hour ride from Tokyo on the bullet train is again most definitely worth the wait. They are famous for an array of the nation’s favorite dishes! Thinking of yakitori (rice flour balls filled with octopus) and kushikatsu, they also specialize in fried food—a definite winner for foodies.

If you’re looking to escape the bustling city atmosphere, then you should visit the suburbs of Dotonbori and Shinsekai. Often a bit quieter (and a bit better preserved), there are plenty of photo-perfect hotspots, such as the Glico Man sign, which lights up in the evenings – though these famous spots can, of course, become busy with tourists looking to catch a glimpse.

Osaka, is one of the most underrated cities in Japan! #travel #asia #wheretogo

While I’m still dreaming about my journey to Japan, which will happen soon, I hope; tell me… Don’t you think these cities are worth visiting?

What do you say? Would you travel to one of these underrated cities in Japan?

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