Day 14: Explore Cartagena - Céviche & India Catalina #travel #solo #thingstodo #southamerica

Day 14: Explore Cartagena – Céviche & India Catalina

Day 14: Explore Cartagena – Céviche & India Catalina

It is my second full day in Cartagena, and I am already exhausted. The climate here is quite challenging. It is a bit too hot and a bit too humid for me. No wonder with 90 percent humidity. Usually, I love it when it is warm, and I love summer. I do not have anything to claim when the sun burns and it gets a bit sweaty. But Cartagena brings it to a whole new level. I could have a shower every five minutes because everything gets sticky pretty soon. Yesterday, I almost had a breakdown during the walking tour because of the heat of the afternoon, although I tried to stay in the shadow and had something to drink with me. 

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However, no time to complain. I take it as it is and make the best out of it. Starting with breakfast on that rooftop on the other side of the street. I already told you yesterday, that my hotel the Akel House* cooperates with the hotel across the street. The breakfast is available at their rooftop. It is indeed a gorgeous way to start the day with such a view. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture, so I cannot show you…bummer)

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Old Town Of Cartagena

After breakfast (and I could already have a shower, although I have not moved my body at all), I headed straight to the old town. I hoped to have some more peaceful and “cooler” hours in the early morning and to soak up the atmosphere of these historic walls.

I was not very lucky. The streets were as full and crowded as they were yesterday, and I got stressed and annoyed very soon. I tried to find a quieter place, and so I sat down in the shadow of one of the plazas, which was full of trees. One believes that you should find a bit of stillness and silence. Unfortunately, this is another challenge for me, here in Cartagena.

Explore Cartagena - San Diego #travel #solo #colombia #thingstodo #sandiego

That is an issue with Cartagena. No matter how hard I tried, to find a calm place, where I could sit for a while, starring holes in the air and leave my thoughts to flow, is almost impossible. It did not take 30 seconds, and one of the “bracelet” guys sat down next to me and wanted to talk to me. He pretended to be friendly and interested in who I am, what I do here, and where I come from, but in the end, of course, he just wanted to sell me one or more of his bracelets. Why? Ok, he probably needs to do this to feed himself and his family. But I just wanted to sit there and find a small piece of relaxation.

You see, it was not the perfect day on this vacation. I wanted to relax, do not talk to anybody, and that everyone would leave me alone. Sometimes, I need such days, where I can escape the busyness of the day. Unluckily, I did not get what I wanted.


Céviche for Lunch

Because I could not get this here in town, I wanted to go to my hotel, but I did not want to make the same mistake as yesterday. I thought that I would not be hungry, but back in my room, my stomach spoke clear words to me. And I have not tasted the Céviche about everyone was talking. All the blog posts and travel guides I read and people I spoke to, had the same opinion. You will get one of the best Céviche ever here in Cartagena. And if you have not tried it, you will have missed something.

Therefore, I looked for a restaurant instead. I already passed a few of them yesterday, and one of them looked that cute from the outside that it sticks in my mind. It was not far away from the place I was, as far as I remembered. And it was true! Only one street around the corner from the plaza I was at that moment, I stood in front of it again. The decision was made. Although there were a couple of more restaurants in this street and around one more corner, I decided to stay here. An excellent and delicious choice it was. I had a super tasty Céviche with Pulpo and Avocado. Not only it looked beautiful with all its colors, but it was delicious as well.

If you are in Cartagena yourself, try it! Highly recommended. Especially, at the Pescadito Cevicheria! Not only the food is incredibly delicious but also the interior is full of underwater motifs and love for details.

Day 15: Explore Cartagena - Ceviche #travel #solo #colombia #food

India Catalina

After lunch, I, eventually, wanted to go home to my hotel. I was ready for a good and long midday nap. I mentioned it before, but the weather here, is exhausting On my way back, I came across the city wall and the Plaza of India Catalina.

That is another thing to do as soon as you visit Cartagena. Strolling the city wall and learn the history of Catalina, who is the often titled as the Colombian Pocahontas.

Explore Cartagena - India Catalina #travel #solo #cartagena #colombia #thingstodo Explore Cartagena - City Wall

Too hot to stay outside

The rest of the day, I stayed inside in my air-conditioned room. I originally planned to go back out around sunset. It is said that the Café del Mar is the best place to be when the sun is about to set. Or have a walk on top of the city wall. But I was so tired, and I still had one more day. So I called it a day eventually and stayed inside. Looking forward to tomorrow, a massage in the morning, and exploring Getsemaní afterward. Then I will have covered all three areas of the Cartagena’s historic old town.

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