Florida, Pensacola, Santa Rosa Island

Florida – A Day In Pensacola

A Day In Pensacola

Hello Pensacola, it is Day number nine, and here I am. Back again, after three long years. It feels like coming home. I still remember so many things, and I missed you. Your beaches, your lighthouse, your Forts, your sunsets and your food!

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The start this time was a little bit – let me say – “challenging”!

The hotel, which we booked at first, failed and didn’t match our expectations at all. The condition of the room was unacceptable. Just in case, that you´ll be around, check twice before you check into Motel 6. We left immediately and looked for another one, found one and took this one for the next two nights. Even there we had to change rooms, as the one we got was set up half way. But in the end, we got a suitable place and it was good enough to stay.

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Knowing to have a nice room for our stay we could begin to enjoy our time in Pensacola*, Florida. As it was the second time for me here the most things were familiar to me and I enjoyed them again. I also had a chance to take a look at everything in more detail.

Historic Pensacola

Our day began in the Historic Pensacola is an area of historic sites and restored buildings. It always is a pretty nice walk through the streets, wander around and feel like set back into past days.

Florida, Pensacola, Historic Village Florida, Pensacola, Historic Village Florida, Pensacola, Historic Village Florida, Pensacola, Historic Village

Fort Pickens and the Gulf Island National Seashore

The second stop was Fort Pickens at the Gulf Island National Seashore and was in use till after World War II. My absolute favorite of all Forts I´ve seen so far. It was impressive as I visited the first time and it is still impressive today.

Florida, Pensacola, Fort Pickens Florida, Pensacola, Fort Pickens

It is situated at the very top of Santa Rosa Island* and is surrounded by a natural preserve on the one side and a couple of the most beautiful and calm beaches. White sand, blue sky, and water…

Florida, Pensacola, Santa Rosa Island Florida, Pensacola, Santa Rosa Island  

Scenic Drive at Escambia Bay & Edward Ball Nature Trail

In the afternoon we followed the Scenic Drive at Escambia Bay where we had a couple of stunning views over the whole Escambia Bay. But in total there were a lot of trees and private house between us and the water. So perhaps it would be better to walk or go by bicycle for some miles instead of driving because you could go closer to the shore of the Escambia River.

Anyway, afterward, we headed to the University of West Florida Campus to get to the Edward Ball Nature Trail. It was a sort of tricky to find, but finally, we made it. Look for parking lot G, just in case one of you is around. There you will find this pleasant little walking trail. The trail is an approx one-mile loop consisting of a boardwalk which leads you over the Thompson´s Creek and beneath the shade of old cypresses.

Florida, Pensacola, Edward Ball Nature Trail Florida, Pensacola, Edward Ball Nature Trail Florida, Pensacola, Edward Ball Nature Trail Florida, Pensacola, Edward Ball Nature Trail

Pensacola Lighthouse

Sadly, we missed the operating hours of the Lighthouse. As the Lighthouse is located on the Naval Aviation Station, that´s why we weren´t allowed to enter the station without any other good reason. Lucky me, I´ve already been at the Lighthouse and climbed the 177 steps to a breathtaking view over Pensacola three years ago. 😉

Fish House/ Atlas Oyster House

To finish that day we went to a restaurant where I ate some fantastic pasta with mussels during my first visit. And again, it was delicious. I had the famous Grits à Ya Ya. Unbelievable good!

Florida, Pensacola, Fish House/ Atlas Oyster House

And the view from the deck was lovely. It felt like I have never been away.

Florida, Pensacola, Fish House/ Atlas Oyster House

This day was close to perfect, and it was great to be back. I hadn´t expected to go to Pensacola, Florida once again before I started to think about this trip but now I am so happy and thankful, that I had the opportunity to visit one more time.

What about you? Have you visited places where you want to go back one day or already visited again because you loved it so much? Tell me about it and leave me a comment. Looking forward!

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9 thoughts on “Florida – A Day In Pensacola”

  1. Never heard of Pensacola, but I’d love to visit it someday. Sorry to hear you weren’t able to climb on top of the Lighthouse, even if you’ve done it before. I’m sure the view is worthed everytime!

    1. Elena, you´re right it is an awesome view from the top of the lighthouse and we were a little disappointed that we couldn´t go there. But maybe one day I can make it to Pensacola again and this will climb at the top one more, definitely.

  2. Looks like you had a good time revisiting Florida! My fave place is Jamacia and I’ll go back in a heartbeat!

  3. Thanks for this great overview of Florida; really liked the layout of this post. We didn’t visit historic Pensacola on our last trip there, but hopefully we’ll visit this gem on our next vacation. We love your photos too much!!

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