Day 9: Explore Medellín, Colombia & 7in7 Conference

Day 9: Explore Medellín, Colombia & 7in7 Conference

Day 9: Explore Medellín, Colombia & 7in7 Conference – Main Stage Day 1

It is Saturday, and it is my the 7in7 events (meetups and workshops) has already started! A few of the year three attendees arrived already a month ago. And the whole time, meetups are held all over the city, including day trips to Guatapé or coffee plantations. But today is different! All of them come together to join the main event; the conference itself, which will take place at the Casa Teatro El Poblado!

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For me, it is the third day in Medellín*, and the second one with this conference (which is the main reason why I chose Colombia, Medellín in particular, for my first South America destination). Yesterday, I already met a few of the guys, at the workshop, and I looked forward to seeing some old faces from last years conference in Barcelona and also connect with new ones.

Let The Conference Begin

The warm-up, with coffee and registration, begins at 9 a.m.! Fortunately, they organized a shuttle bus to bring a few of us from El Poblado to the site. Good that I got a spot! Otherwise, I would have walked all the way, which is a 50-minutes walk from my hostel, or I would have had to take a taxi (I am not an Uber fan). This way, I did not need to worry about how getting there and back!

Day 9: Explore Medellín, Colombia & 7in7 Conference - Main Stage Day 1

We met up at the place of the most workshops and went to the theater (yes, it is small but real theater), I grabbed a coffee and some fruits, which were prepared for us and started chatting with a few of the other guys. I also met Hannah, one of my unofficial mentors of the past two years. She is so lovely! Over the past two years, we met a few times, like at the DNX in Lisbon!

At 10 a.m. the conference officially started with the first speaker and a long, informative, inspiring day with speakers, panels, breakout sessions, and many more began! I met incredible people! All of them with unique personalities and all of them were so inspiring and inspired themselves! Around 6 p.m. the first day was over. It was a bit exhausting because of all the input and talking to so many people, and at some point (especially, as an introverted person like me) it was a bit too much! But this is the way it is. All this stuff, thoughts, and information concentrated in two long days! But it was worth it!

Day 9 - Explore Medellin, Colombia - 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference Day 9 - Explore Medellin, Colombia - 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

Nomads, Dinner, And Jenga

The shuttle bus brought us back to the workshop. One of the attendees, Martina, and I, went for dinner at one of the Burger places. We had a fun chat about everything and nothing, played Jenga (yes, they had a Jenga on each table), and I had my first Limonada Coco (freaking delicious, and I usually do not like coconut, except the juice of the fresh ones).

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The Storytelling Meetup

Afterward, we joined one of the meetups of the evening; Storytelling by and with Liz Scully! We were a bunch of 10 people, and everyone should tell a story about the topic “clothes.” I am so NOT good at storytelling, especially, when I have to TELL it! I do not mean WRITE it! Usually, when I want to tell anything, I forget the beginning and then I do not know how to end, or what I wanted to say. I cannot get my thoughts together, and then I mess up. That is why I do not do any YouTube videos or Live videos. I feel better with writing!

Anyway, it was such a fun evening, with so many stories, funny ones, and serious ones!

I am looking forward to day 2 of the conference!

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