Day 8 - Explore Medellín #travel #solo #colombia #medellin #thingstodo

Day 8: Explore Medellín &  7in7 Workshop

Day 8: Explore Medellín &  7in7 Workshop

The day when I arrived in Medellín, was exciting! My nerve-wracking panic attack at the airport in London, the long flight, the cash hunting, and settling in my hostel. I am not surprised that I lay down for a short nap and woke up in the middle of the night. Well, my evening plans were already done!

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But that is ok! Today is another day, right? Do you want to know what happened?

The Morning –  A severe Headache

I woke up with a severe headache! The pain was so massive that I barely could keep my head high. Please, not here and especially not today, on my first day with some 7in7 action! I also have not had any medicine with me, as I usually do not have such crazy headaches or migraines.

I could not do much about it. The only way was trying to sleep it away. So, I tried my best to fall asleep again. No chance! I hurt so much that I could not keep my eyes closed enough.

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The Noon – A Delicious Breakfast

However, two or three hours later, it was possible to get up, shower, and get ready for going outside! Fortunately, I bought those banana´s yesterday, so that I could put some vitamins into my body, hoping that it helps to get better, soon.

Well, I felt good enough to leave the house! Looking for a nice breakfast place, I wandered around El Poblado*. I hoped to find one of these Crepes & Waffles, which are all over the place, but it seems that they have not opened yet.

Therefore, I chose another café with lots of opportunities like fresh fruit, cereals, yogurts, etc. All good and healthy stuff. That is the right thing in my situation. I stayed there for a couple of hours, working on a new article about Plymouth, which will be online, soon. (By the way, as soon as it is published, you will get to know it first, as long as you are subscribed receiving my weekly virtual postcard)

That is the way; I could work more often. Sitting in a café and have a tasty hot chocolate, instead of sitting in an office all day long and never see the sun.

Day 8 - Explore Medellín #travel #solo #colombia #medellin #thingstodo

The Afternoon – A 7in7 Workshop

The plan for the afternoon was attending one of the 7in7 workshops. Mine was about using LinkedIn the best way. We learned how to set up a profile in the most efficient, and professional way, without being online 24/7. The lovely Sami Gardner is an expert and taught us all the little secrets to have a successful LinkedIn profile. Maybe, Dream and Wanderland will be on LinkedIn, soon. I keep you in the loop…

The Evening – A Digital Nomad Girls Meetup

And after the workshop, it was time to hang out with the other girls at a girls-only meetup at Botanika Lounge in El Poblado. Some drinks, chats, and a bunch of girls who celebrate themselves.

Day 8 - Explore Medellin - Digital Nomad Girls #travel #solo #fun #thingstodo #colombia #medellin

It was a rocky start into this day, but it got better and better, and had a lovely ending, eventually! It was not too late that I went back to my hostel. I still felt tired, and a bit exhausted, and I wanted to be fresh for tomorrows main event; day 1 of the 7in7 conference.

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